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How would you feel about staying on the place for several days? Don’t like it? Of course, your dog won’t like it too. But, keeping the dog in the crate helps very well to teach him manners, regulations, toileting, and so on.  

The dog is the most trustworthy and loyal animal only if you can make them properly. The dog’s crates help a lot to build a well-trained and loyal dog. Moreover, you may keep a dog in the crate while he is new in your environment.

To enhance the dog’s pleasure in his crates, you must arrange the comfortable dog crate. Moreover, you must apply all the processes that make your dog happy and busy in the process.

Now, how do you keep a dog happy in a crate? Take our favorite tips from this article to beat the boredom of your dog.

Why use a dog crate?

You possibly have a dog who has injured and got sick. It is the most important reason for letting the dog live in the crate for an extended period. There are some other reasons for which the dog’s owner keeps their pet in the crate. Let’s disclose them.

To train dog

While you bring a new dog in your home, it needs some training to adjust to the new environment. By keeping the dog free, you mightn’t give him the necessary training. For example, how/where to do the toilet, to mix with people, recognize your family members, and so on.

Hence, you helplessly have to keep the new pet into the crate for some period.

To ensures travel safety

There are higher possibilities of occurring unwanted accidents if you keep your dog free during the journey. To ensure the safety of your favorite pet, you must keep your dog in a cage.

Nevertheless, make sure the crate is comfortable for the pet. Otherwise, it will create a nuisance during your travel.

To sleep

Some dogs love to sleep in the crates instead of the beds. Importantly, when your dog loves the calm place to sleep, the crates are the best place for them. In that case, the crates must have to be comfortable to facilitate their deep sleeping.

You might think, should I put my dog in the crate at night. Trust us; it is totally safe to keep the dog in a crate at night. In fact, it facilitates a deep sleep with your dog.

To offer quality time

Naturally, calm dogs love to have some quality time by themselves. To ensure the quality time, you must have to facilitate a comfortable crate and silent place for the pet.


How do you keep a dog happy in a crate?

Arranging comfortable dog crates is one of the most effective ways of removing the boredom of a dog. Afterward, there come different ways of keeping a dog relaxed in its cage. 

You might have applied all possible ways to make your dog pleased. But still not working? Then follow our given instructions.

Provide regular training

Are you looking for a way of how to keep a dog busy in a crate? Firstly, spend some time with your dog regularly. Train him on how to do the toilet, how to offer help, and how to give affection. It will keep him busy with the work even though he is inside a crate.

While spending quality time with your dog, talk to him. Needless to say, the dog understands the human language very well.

Give foods and toys

The dogs are very fond of food and toys. Dogs like to eat beef, fish, bones of beef, and so on. Try to give him the foods he loves especially, the bones of beef. It will consume most of his boring time and turn them into an enjoyable time.

Plus, give the toys that the dog loves to have to spend time. The dog pet mainly prefers to play with the toys that make a sound.

Please don’t disturb them during sleeping.

Disturbance during sleeping makes a person very angry. In the case of the dog, it is a more serious matter. That’s because the dog doesn’t like any disturbance during its sleeping. Disturbance during sleeping makes the pet so annoyed that it can bite the person who disturbs him.

Change the environment

Staying in the same cage and environment for a prolonged period makes a dog unpleasant. It makes the dog so annoyed that it can bite anyone randomly. So, how to keep a dog calm in a crate?

You can change the environment of the dog after every 3-4 days, along with the crate. Moreover, it is okay to take the pet to travel with you while it is too annoying.

Provide comfortable dog crates

The comfortability of dog crates makes a big impact on removing a dog’s annoyance. If the dog is satisfied with the crate, it won’t make any nuisance.

Therefore, ensure the best and comfortable crates for your dog. Regardless to say, there are available options for choosing the best and comfortable crates for your pet. 

Give him some free space.

Your dog also needs some free space by himself. You may be too concerned about your pet, that’s why you always try to reduce its boredom. But trust us! Your dog also needs some free space, although he is bored or annoyed.

Sedatives of dogs

Sometimes the dogs get short-tempered because of the sedatives given to him. As the dog cannot talk, he cannot tell this to you. If your dog is taking medicine, check and precheck the side effects of the medications.

Take doctor’s advice if you find the medicines are suspicious of side-effects.


Are you thinking how to entertain a dog on crate rest? Let us ensure it is not that difficult to reduce the dog’s boredom and annoyance in the crate. The truth is, you have to become over-conscious while putting your pet in the crate.

The bottom line!

A healthy and well-trained dog is loveable to all. Everyone having the dog as a pet wants to ensure the health-safety of his dog. That’s why, while the dog is injured or in pain, keeps his dog into the crate.

But the crate is the annoying place for a dog, especially when he is very active. Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to crate rest while your dog is injured or sometimes.

So how to keep your dog happy in a crate? Firstly, arrange comfortable dog crates for your dog. Further, apply all of the tips we have broken in this article to remove your favorite pet’s boredom.


A happy and active dog brings a smile on our faces. Take our advice to make your dog happy and be happy.

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