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How Does PetSafe Wireless Fence Work?

If you ever purchased a pet fence, you must hear the brand name PetSafe. If you didn’t buy earlier and are going to purchase for the first time, you should know that the “PetSafe” is the best brand for quality fences available out there.

The manufacturer has a distinguished history of producing different types of fences, e.g., underground, wireless, and a few more. Many of the current wireless dog fences are made by the fence giant PetSafe.

But how does PetSafe wireless fence work that they are so popular? We shall explain in detail about their working procedure and other related facts in the following writeup.

What Does A PetSafe Wireless Fence Include?

PetSafe Wireless dog fence includes the following components, generally-

  • Transmitter & adapter
  • Receiver collar & battery
  • Boundary flags
  • Test light tool
  • Manual
  • Short and long probes, mounting bracket, probe wrench, etc.

Now come to the point – how do they work?

  • The transmitter is the central part of the whole system. It needs to be installed first. Don’t worry as the installation is straightforward and takes a short time. You only need to be careful about the positioning. Place it in the center from where it can cover the circular area in all directions. The transmitter of the PetSafe can cover 90-foot in all directions from the center, meaning an area of 2 acre or more. The area of coverage is adjustable, either you can increase or decrease.
  • The boundary or training flags are used to fix the boundary (covered area), which is the limit for the dogs or other pets to be crossed. Flags are used as the visible signal point for the pets, which they are trained not to pass or stay away from those flags. What happens when they get near to the boundary area?
  • They get a warning beep followed by corrections (shocks). How does it happen? We have said above that the PetSafe Wireless Transmitter emits signals from all directions up to 90 feet or more (adjustable- depends on the type and power of the PetSafe transmitters). The transmitted signals are the PetSafe collar or receiver, another essential component of the system, which is worn on the neck of the pet.

The dog, when it gets close to the boundary limit (flags), the collar gives one or more warning beeps to refrain the pet from moving forward more. If the pet ignores the beep and continues to move forward, the collar starts to give corrections (shocks). There are two types of corrections- vibration and static. You might have a question- what is a static correction? In short-

Static correction is an electric stimulation given to the pets at quite a mild and harmless extent to get their attention. Pets will receive a tingling sensation or shock on their skin when such stimulation applied, which catches their attention and makes them startled. The startling process helps to interrupt pets behavior and get them controlled.

  • When the collar offers a correction, the pets used to get back inside the boundary. Initially, it provides a mild correction. If the pet ignores, the collar starts to give stronger shocks gradually until it arrives back to a particular area inside the boundary. The correction session may continue up to 1 minute so that a constant shock doesn’t harm the pet. After completion of a 1-minute correction, the system is programmed to take an interval and restart again after one or more minutes. It will continue to give shocks with intervals unless the pet gets back or the collar battery gets empty.

The fence includes few other components, e.g., short and long probes, mounting bracket, probe wrench, etc. You can use them for PetSafe wireless fence troubleshooting purposes.

Last Words

This is how the PetSafe Wireless Fences work. We described the whole process in brief and in very simple language. We tried to avoid technical explanation which occurred throughout the process so that people can understand easily.

Before you use it for fencing your pets, make them ready, otherwise, your pet may be harmed physically or completely afraid of the system which may create more difficulties.

Training the pets are simple and the training flags and manual will help you perfectly for this purpose. Overall, they work efficiently.

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