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Have you been dreaming about a dog for a long time, but don’t understand how much does it cost to have a dog? Most likely you heard that the annual cost of a dog is not cheap. But is it really so?
It very often happens that a person gets a dog without understanding how much do dogs cost per year. What is the result? A person begins to save on important things for the health of the pet or, worse, gives the pet to other hands. To prevent this from happening, let’s figure out if you are ready to get a puppy by considering the financial costs of owning a dog.

The Initial Costs

Be ready for the first visit to the vet clinic. It is advisable to have the same specialist all the time. Therefore, if you have familiar dog owners, then ask for recommendations and, of course, conduct your own research on whether the vet is a good specialist.
There is also the need for vaccination. Plus, a specialist will recommend food or diet that will maintain the health of your pet.
Be prepared for the fact that the first visit can cost you from 100 to 300 dollars. Depending on your dog’s health status, your vet may schedule frequent appointments for you. For example, every two weeks or once a month. Accordingly, you should pre-calculate the monthly cost of dog care.

Pet Products
Before you bring a puppy or dog to the house, you need to buy essential goods in advance. Let’s look at the main ones that should be at your home before a puppy appears. Please note that the prices quoted for each item are average.

Sleeping Place

You need to make sure that your pet feels comfortable and the bed is the first thing to think about. We recommend taking a spacious bed, with the expectation of quick growth. Animals grow imperceptibly, so the puppy’s bed can become small after a few weeks. Be prepared for the bed to be destroyed because of the desire to chew. Therefore, the first bed should not be too expensive, but with an emphasis on quality. It can cost 50-150 dollars.

Bowls for Food and Water

There is no particular need for bowls for puppies. It is better to take those that go on stands, so as not to buy new ones when the pet grows up. It costs from 30-100 dollars.


A puppy may not be accustomed to the outdoor toilet, so be prepared for puddles. To avoid this, you need a diaper. Also, napkins may be required if after vaccination the puppy will not be able to go outside for a certain period of time. You can buy both specialized pet diapers and those that are sold for children in a pharmacy. The prices are under 20 dollars.


At first, the dog may feel stress from a change of house. Therefore, the puppy may begin to naughty, nibble on furniture or shoes. To avoid this, buy a couple of attractive toys, pay attention to quality. Saving on toys is not worth exactly the same as on toys for children. The cost of the toys is under 25 dollars.

Leashes and Collars

It’s better to accustom a puppy to a leash and a collar since childhood. As for the costs, then per year for this item, you will need from 20 dollars.
The number of costs for these items can be completely different for each person. Here are the average amounts, based on which you can form a budget. Enough amount of the above things depends on the behavior of your pet. For example, bowls for food may be used for several years. While the bed can be destroyed in just a week.

Food is the main expense column, which will occupy the largest amount of expenses per month. If you want to exclude frequent visits to the vet, then saving on feed or diet products is not worth it. Goodies and feed will cost you $2000 a year.
The cost of medical feed is always higher than normal. Food for diet can reach up to $100 and even more per month.
Be sure to check with your vet how to feed your pet. If you have a limited budget, explain the situation and ask for help choosing the optimal diet that suits your budget and does not spoil the health of your dog.

If you are planning a trip with your pet abroad, then you need not only the documents, but also to know the customs requirements of another country. Be prepared to face the paperwork. You will have to prepare a lot of documents and translate them as well. As for the last, the specialists from the Best Online Writers will help you do it right and save money. It is better to deal with these issues in advance, and not in the last minutes. The documentation preparation can cost from 70 dollars.

Vet Aid and Specialized Remedies
When your pet grows up, then visits to the vet will not be frequent. It is usually customary to visit the vet once every half a year if the pet feels well. Calculate dog care costs per year, taking into account the fact that one visit will be approximately 200-300 dollars. Also, be prepared for emergencies when the amount of treatment can reach $ 3,000.
You will also need to purchase specialized dog care drugs, nutritional supplements, and so on. The cost of drugs can reach up to $ 500 per year.

Becoming a dog owner should be a well-considered decision, both morally and financially. When you make an approximate calculation of how much does a dog cost per year, then you will see a clear picture as to whether you can keep the dog. Well, the final amount of this budget will allow you to rationally use the money and save in advance. The dog is the most devoted friend. And as you know, friendship is priceless. For this reason, you should not save on dog care!


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