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How To Clip a Dog’s Nails (the right way)

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Like your adorable children, your pet dog’s health greatly depends on its nail. As the nails are always in touch with the ground, it’s very common to get rubbish in it. So, nails are mainly responsible for most of the severe infections of your pet dog. To avoid this, you need to ensure proper grooming of your dog. And in this case, if you ask me, I’ll say the first session of grooming will start with the clipping of nails of ‘Hack’ of nails. For this, you need to be familiar with the nail clippers in the best way. So, always try to collect the best nail clippers for dogs from the market to ensure the best and comfortable trimming of your dog breed.

Types of clippers–which you’ll choose

In sum, you’ll find mainly two types of clippers available in the market. They are—

  • Scissor clips 
  • Guillotine clips

Scissor clips: These clips are mostly like of scissors. You’ll place the nail of your dogs between the blades. Then cut the nails. The maintenance of sharpness is the fact of concern in case of this type of clippers. Otherwise, the shape of the nails of your dog will be affected. Besides, your dog will face serious pain.

The slippery of big nails (especially for large dogs like Shepperd or Great Dane) is another problem of this type clips. But for smaller dog breeds like poodles, these clips are very nice and comfortable choice.

Guillotine clips:  In this type of clips, there’s a blank space (especially circular hole) to place the nail of your dog. Then you’ll move the screw of the clip and one blade will fill the hole up with cutting the nail inside. These clips are better for cutting the bigger nails of the bigger dog breeds.

Instruction by steps to clip the nails of dogs in the best way

Step 1—(learn from video for a longer time)

Apparently, the first thing is proper learning. Don’t practice clipping to your dog’s nail before learning properly. Otherwise, you’ll be the cause of severe pain of your loving dog. Use videos for learning. Watch the video, make a pause and bring rewind for proper learning. Taking the help of YouTube will be a wise decision in this case. You may take also the guideline of an experienced person. If possible, let him show practically, how to clip the nails in the best way.

Step 2 — (Choose the perfect time for clipping)

It’s another important task to be maintained. You must cut the nails while your dog remains calm. You can choose the time for clipping just after the dog wakes up. Clipping after playing or physical exercise will be another nice decision with respect to time choosing. Because you’ll find your dog tired and calm at that time.

Step 3 — (Fast and smooth clip)

Grab the paws of your dog hard but softly. Then place one nail in the clipper and cut very quickly. Don’t take much time. Cut only one nail once and give a bit interval between two successive nails. Don’t make your dog feel uncomfortable. For better and comfortable clipping, place your dog on a high table.

Step 4— (Avoid cutting ‘Quick’)

‘Quick’ is a blood tube in the nail close to the flash of the paw. Clipping in ‘Quick’ is very painful. If the nail of your dog is white, then you can see the position of it. Sometimes, you cannot trace the actual position, while the nail is od another color instead of white. So, in that case, clip very shorter portion of the nail to avoid ‘Quick’.

Dos and not dos that needs to be remembered


  • Always keep medicines and antiseptics while clipping nails
  • Don’t forget to give treat your pet before or after clipping
  • Try to make your pet psychologically used to with trimming.
  • Always cut the nail shorter in span than you think to be cut.
  • Place the dog on the table or other high places for comfortable clipping

Not dos:

  • Don’t start clipping before proper learning the process of clipping.
  • Avoid taking much time for clipping a single nail.
  • Never start clipping while your dog is excited.


The dog lives in your house with you, is nothing but like your own child. So, for its proper health and safety, you have no alternative to clipping its nails in the right way. Actually, clipping dog’s nail is a very sophisticated task. So, you must pay greater concern on it. Hence, make it as enjoyable to your dog as you can. Wish a happy and healthy life for both you and your dog.

Author Bio: John Howes is the founder of Petcareup. 29-year-old, entrepreneur, Pet lover and passionate blogger. He loves to write about pet and helps pet owners to choose the best products for their pet. Read this article to learn more about pets.

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