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Renters could find it challenging to find a pet-friendly rental, particularly in locations with a lot of competition. The secret to acquiring that sought-after pet-friendly property may lie in a pet resume. You need to understand how to create an effective pet resume to make the best choices for your pet. 

5 Tips to Create a Pet Resume for Renting

Do you want to know how to write pet resume for renting? Find out the 5 best tips below:

Tip #1: Share Your Pet’s Complete Information

Don’t forget to include your contact information if any part of your rental application, such as your pet résumé, is lost. Your pet’s name, breed, age, weight, and history of spaying and neutering must all be listed on the CV. Even if pet-friendly apartments are available, many landlords and managers have breed and size limits. Some look for the best pet birds with the required characteristics. 

By stating this at the outset, you can avoid wasting time. This lets your possible landlord know that your pet will qualify. It would be lovely to send a picture of your pet at this time. Many landlords and managers impose breed and size restrictions, even if they have pet-friendly apartments available. 

Tip #2:  Describe Your Pet’s Personality and Interests

Include a humorous narrative in which your pet’s personality comes through as you talk about it and its favorite pastimes. Every pet has unique habits and behaviors. To pique the reader’s interest, you can provide interesting facts. Make it enjoyable overall, but keep it professional. 

Although you want to keep this introduction realistic, entertaining, and fascinating, taking the process seriously is crucial because a pet resume also reflects you as a prospective tenant. Share your pet’s preferences and what makes it special. Show your pet how much you love it and how much pleasure it is to be around.

Tip #3: Include Interesting Facts and Achievements of Your Pet 

Include awards, successes and other verifiable information about your pet. It is an opportunity to highlight their accomplishments. This section of the pet CV can be as detailed as necessary. But don’t put anything that can’t be verified or isn’t accurate. Your prospective landlord might request proof.

You can enhance your pet’s value in the reader’s eye by sharing such useful facts. Try to share the activities in which your pet likes to take part. For instance, the qualities of your pet dog or any specific activities he participates in. These behaviors can all provide insight into your pet’s personality.

Tip #4: Include a List of Each Medication Your Pet Requires

For the landlord to know what to offer, why it should be provided, and how to deliver it, you must list all of your pet’s medications in full. Providing precise instructions is critical because there are many different ways to administer medication. 

If any prescriptions are time-sensitive, let the person know that your pet’s routine is kept in mind. Make sure to list every drug you take on it completely. Your pet’s health should be prioritized at all costs. The landlord will work quickly and deeply understand how to care for your pet. 

Tip #5: Provide References

You can reassure individuals and calm their fears by including pet references with your pet résumé. Include one from each of your former landlords and neighbors, if at all possible. These must show that your pet didn’t disturb the peace or harm any property. 

You can also offer a referral from a vet, an obedience coach, or a friend who has engaged directly with your pet. You might own the smartest dog breed or a cat with amazing traits. To distinguish yourself from other applicants, emphasize how amazing renters you and your pet will make.


The advice provided above will assist you in writing a strong resume for your pet. If you have the correct resumes, you can put your best foot forward and establish a wonderful landlord-tenant connection in your new pet-friendly home.

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