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How to Create an Account for Your Pet in Social Networks

Social networks have become so popular that the lack of an account in the most popular of them is sometimes equated with social phobia and other mental illnesses. Moreover, social networks are not only for people but even for inanimate objects. Have you seen the Scilly’s profile? Against his background, animal profiles are just harmless entertainment, therefore in this article, we decided to talk about how to create a social profile for your pet.

Choose the Right Platform

Social technology provides ample opportunity for choice – you can create a profile for the animal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. However, practice shows that Twitter and Snapchat are the most uncomfortable, because posts in Snapchat are stored only 24 hours, and on Twitter, you are limited by 140 symbols and one or two hashtags.

Facebook is a pretty good option. However, we recommend paying attention to Instagram and YouTube first and foremost, since these are very targeted sites – one with visual and the other with video content. Also, Instagram gives good opportunities for promotion and networking, and YouTube is ideal for engaging users with funny videos of your pet. The users of this video hosting like to relieve stress by watching funny videos with animals – this is a kind of online therapy, which is free and effective.

Therefore, choosing a social network, start from what content you plan to create most often. If you plan to take photos often, then the capabilities of IGTV are enough for your videos. In this case, you can use Instagram only. But if your focus is specifically on video content, then start with YouTube, and then begin to gradually move on Instagram.

Develop Your Pet’s Personality

Further, everything works according to the best laws of marketing – for your page to become popular, your animal must have unique features and be interesting. Therefore, you need to visualize his personality, especially since you will create posts on his behalf. In the language of marketing, it means picking up your unique tone of voice. In the language of ordinary people, you need to create posts so that the nature of your animal is noticeable, and users can immediately understand whether it is interesting to observe his life, what habits resonate with their human habits, do they understand your jokes written on behalf of the animal.

How to do it? It is easy enough. You know the nature and habits of your animal like no other, you probably understand his desires and can even predict his behavior. Just try to formulate them in the human language.

Make the Life of Your Pet Engaging

Eating, sleeping, going to the toilet is of no interest to anyone. Therefore, now you have to entertain your animal so that it entertains your audience. You will have to think over places and events, buy costumes and accessories for your animal, arrange a cultural program for him, network with other owners of animals only in real life. Therefore, here’s a tip for you – create one profile for two animals at once so that they entertain themselves as much as possible.

Come up with Suitable Hashtags

Hashtags are your tool to make your animal’s profile visible and recognizable. Before you start picking them up, we recommend that you make a review using Hashtagify, for example, and find the most popular options.

Plus, you can provide your post with humanized hashtags. For example, if your cat overslept his breakfast, you could write something like #mondayproblems or something like that. Also, you need to come up with a unique hashtag that can partially duplicate the name of your profile, or the name of your pet, as well as be simple and memorable.

Get in Touch with Feature Pages

So, it is obvious that you have created a profile of your animal not personally for yourself, but for users. Therefore, now it is necessary to reach out to them. The worst way is to write messages asking users to follow – this is a direct way to the blacklist. You need to advertise more organically and naturally.

For example, this is a very good option to find the so-called feature pages. These are profiles that post custom content. In this case, these are photos and videos of animals, for example, cats or dogs of a particular breed. Nobody forbids you to tag such a page under your post, because these pages are always interested in new content. And by the way, they have a large number of subscribers who like to admire pictures of animals. If your animal is interesting, and your photos are of good quality, that is, the owners of such pages have a good chance of noticing your profile, they may follow your page and repost your content as well.

Follow Other Pet Owners

Instead of spam and paid advertising, we offer you the most organic way of expanding your target audience – this is the mutual following. Therefore, do not hesitate to subscribe to pet owners or other pet profiles. In the end, it’s not about competition, but about the love and care of animals.

Introduce Your Pet to All the Globe

Remember at the beginning of the article we said that the process of promoting the profile of your animal is done according to the laws of marketing? This is partially true, with only one pleasant exception — you don’t need to segment your audience to the smallest detail. It will be enough that they love cats or dogs of your breed, and that’s all – age, status, country of residence is no longer important since social networks unite all people with almost no exception.

However, it will be great if you let your subscribers read your posts in their language (and add the corresponding hashtags). This is a good way to increase the number of subscribers, especially since it is very easy to translate your content for social networks using The Word Point translation and localization service.


As you can see, everything is not as difficult as it might seem. Perhaps the most important thing in this idea is to have an interesting, unique and promising animal. Because the list of opportunities and platforms for its promotion is huge.

Bio: Dominic Beaulieu is a gaming enthusiast turned tech writer who covers an impressive variety of topics like design, development process, game marketing, and helps developers with spreading the word about their creations. He is a fluent French speaker, who also has mastered Dutch, Norwegian, and Swedish. He has an experience in software translation, tech counseling, project management and digital marketing tailored for startups.

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