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How to Deshedd Your Dog at Home Like a Pro!

By September 6, 2016No Comments
Bath time for Roxie!

Bath time for Roxie!

Many of our clients are interested in at home grooming for their short haired pups! We’ve compiled a list of products that can help make the process easy breezy.

For your short haired pooch we recommend starting off with a rubber brush to get some of the hair out. We also recommend using the Furminator. ┬áMany of our clients around the country really like using as natural of a shampoo as possible– so we like to refer them to Dog Fashion Spa— which uses calming essential oils such as lavender to contribute to a relaxing bath atmosphere and bathing process.

For daily maintence, go green with this eco-paw cleaner (say goodbye to the paw wipes)– just remember to rinse on a regular basis!

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