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How To Keep Raccoons And Other Wildlife From Eating Your Outdoor Dog Food

By August 11, 2020No Comments

Wildlife, despite being beautiful from afar, can become pests up close. The most common attractant for wildlife is actually outdoor dog food! Dog food is attractive to all sorts of animals from skunks and raccoons to opossums. This article will discuss the best (and only) way to keep your dog food safe from wildlife.

Why Dog Food Can Be A Problem

Most animals that are going to infest your home roam at night. Leaving dog food outdoors overnight will attract these pests and give them the impression that there is a food source in your home. They will quickly search for a location where they can make their homes. In some cases, this might be the interior of your home. Pests such as skunks can be dangerous beyond their smell. They are particularly destructive creatures. Raccoons and skunks will dig under and tear apart your foundation to make their dens. And, so long as there is a food source, they are likely to stick around.

The Best Method

The best method to keep raccoons and other wildlife from eating your dog food is to keep it locked up at night. Raccoons and skunks are likely to eat your dog’s food if they see it outdoors at night because there is no dog there to guard it and no humans around to scare them away. Because of this, the best way to keep your dog’s food safe is to simply lock it up tight at night and ensure that a raccoon or skunk or other animal has no way of getting to it. In truth, bringing dog food indoors at night is the only effective way to prevent wildlife from eating it. Other methods, such as spraying predator scents near the food, may also scare your dog.

Keeping Your Dog Safe

Another important reason to keep wildlife away from your dog’s food is to ensure your dog’s safety. Your dog might not react well to other wildlife and may become very defensive. If a dog were to attack wildlife, it runs the risk of getting severely injured as a result. If you do happen to run into issues with wildlife, the best way to respond is to keep your dog far away from the problem animal. This, in turn, protects your dog from the potential harm it can face. It is important to note that if your dog gets bitten by wildlife, you should take it to the vet immediately.

What To Remember

It’s important to remember that wildlife is going to be attracted to any food left out. Dog food, however, is essential for your pet. Keeping wildlife from your dog’s food will protect your home from infestation and a host of future issues. The best and arguably the only way to keep raccoons away is to lock up your dog’s food. Wildlife will frequently find ways to get around other methods, and none others are truly foolproof. Dog food is a major attractant for all wildlife, so to keep your furry friend and house safe, lock it up!

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