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Dogs are one of the best companions man has ever been able to make. Often dogs are treated as a part of the families that own them. A lot of dog owners might still have some issues regarding how their dogs behave. Among these, one of the problems or preferences that many people face is keeping their dogs off the couch. If you are a person who has no problems with a little dog fur, then this is not a necessary article for you. Yet, sometimes they keep insisting on staying there. There are many ways to prevent this from happening, here are a few.

Training Them Early On

Dogs tend to be persistent and rigid about their habits. One simple way to avoid this problem is to train them starting from when they are puppies. If the whole family does not want to and strictly avoids taking the pup to the couch, it will never do anything that will defy its manner of living. Whenever the dog is to be petted or cuddled with, it should not be taken on the couch with the family members. Instead, when petting or playing with them, simply sit on the floor along with them and try to habituate them to be comfortable with lying or sleeping on the floor.

This will ultimately result in a manner of living that will never create the urge of getting up on the couch since the feeling is foreign or has never been felt. A dog bed can also come in handy here since it will help keep your dog off the couch and of course, you can use couch covers for dog owners to protect your couch and sofas from dog furs and nails.  A dog bed can also come in handy here since it will help keep your dog off the couch and of course, give them their own cozy bed to sleep in.

Getting a Dog Bed

Dog beds, as mentioned before, are one of the best solutions for the problem of dogs staying on the couch. If you’re way past the point of putting the first solution to use, try to make their lives (and yours) easier by purchasing a dog bed. The best dog beds are both convenient and comfortable for your dogs. They are a very good solution since they work in the case of dogs who persist on getting on the couch because of how comfortable it is for them. Comfort loving dogs will easily shift to having a cozier bed of their own if they are not allowed on the couch. Moreover, dog beds can come to use since dogs habituated to these rarely sit elsewhere and that saves you an awful lot of effort behind cleaning dog hair. This can be done easily by training them to shift to the dog bed using simple tricks.

Training Them with Treats

One of the easiest hacks is to train them by treating them with foods every time they abide your orders. If they are not abiding your normal restrictions or paying heed to your orders, food is the way to fix it. Every time they get down when asked, give them a treat. If this is continued for long enough, the dog will gradually adapt to the restriction and for an extra bite, they will definitely come down. You could also reward them by giving them a snack when they go to their dog beds. This will also get them habituated to using the dog bed often. Meanwhile, for the time when you are not around, you can use our next solution.

Try putting laundry baskets on the couch

Another easy way to getting them habituated to the restriction is by putting a laundry basket on the couch when you leave the house or anytime when you don’t use the couch. This will keep the dog off the couch because there’s no space for it. If you still find the dog on the couch and the basket on the floor, use some bottles of water to weigh it down. This will stop your dog from being able to get the basket off for some couch time while you’re away. 


Dogs are all shackled by habits, kind of like humans can be. All you need to do is habituate them to the new way you want them to behave. We hope the techniques above will help you get rid of the problem. On a final note, before leaving home would be a great time to treat your pup with love and care. Try to be the companion your dog truly deserves in return for its loyalty. Try to abstain from hitting or punishing them. This will only make them sly about their activities and this makes things harder to detect and more complex.

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