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The current global situation known as the coronavirus pandemic is keeping us all at home. It is great, especially for pet parents as they get to spend more quality time with their furry buddies. But it is not easy to take care of your four-legged friend if you’ve been working from home during quarantine and everyone is concerned about their pups developing separation anxiety. Although, it might be a tough ask to balance work and caring for your puppy while at home, you can successfully do both. In this blog, we will talk about ways in which you can keep your little munchkin happy and healthy while you work from home.

7 Ways To Raise A Happy And Healthy Puppy While Working From Home

While you diligently work from home, it is important to also take out some time for your puppy. They too need some love, care, and attention, especially during such tumultuous times. Below are as many as 7 ways in which you can raise a healthy and happy puppy while you are working from home.  There is a difference between quality and quantity time- just like there is with people.

#1. Stick To A Routine

The first step towards maintaining a good balance between work and puppy care is to create a routine and then sticking to it. Make a routine and chalk out your time in such a way that you give ample amounts of time to your furry buddy.

#2. Short And Interesting Training

Now that you have taken out time, it is important to know how to spend it wisely. First, take out some time for your puppy’s training. Keep the training short and interesting because puppies tend to get bored if the training session is too long.

#3. Feed Healthy Snacks

Unlike dogs, puppies tend to eat their food in tiny batches. Hence, it becomes essential to feed them healthy snacks/treats for at least six to seven times throughout the day. Readymade snacks are good, but you can also cook up something special every now and then to surprise your little one.

You can pick some healthy pet treats at reliable and trusted online pet store. This helps you avoid going outdoors and receive your order at your doorsteps looking the present pandemic.

#4. Interactive Toys

For puppy development, interactive toys are important. Giving them interactive toys not only help in brain development, but it also helps their teeth to get stronger. While you spend hours on your office work, keep your notorious puppy busy by giving him interactive toys to play with.

#5. Minimum Half An Hour Walks

Quarantine can hamper your schedule and can turn you and your puppy into couch potatoes. But it is important to not go down that path. Hence, make it a point to walk your puppy for at least 30 minutes each day. You do not have to step outside. Walking can be done even inside the walls of your home. If you have a yard, then you need not worry about your daily walks depending on your breed’s require activity level as much although walking does help promote bonding, listening and can increase trust when done in a way where “heal” is used to re-enforce the pet parents as the leaders of the family.

#6. Time For Socialization

Growing up, puppies need to socialize. It is highly important for their overall development. Stepping outside, at the present situation, isn’t the smartest thing to do. So how can you fulfill your puppy’s socialization needs? Well, all thanks to the internet, you can do it easily. Hop over to YouTube and let your puppy listen to common sounds that he would normally hear during a normal day. For instance, let him hear sounds related to traffic, human interactions, fireworks, etc.

#7. Don’t Forget The Cuddles

Last but not least, do not forget about the cuddles. Who doesn’t love cuddles? Puppies and dogs simply love them and giving them some is a great way to showcase your immense love towards them.

The situation around the world isn’t great at the moment, but thinking too much about can hamper your own health, which in turn, will hamper your pet’s health. So stay at home, do your (office and home) work, and take care of your furry buddy. Stay safe, stay indoors, and stay healthy.

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