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Dogs and puppies can sometimes become excited, especially when you take them out. They have a lot of fun and also get a chance to explore. However, it is essential to walk calmly while leading them to avoid being pulled over by the dog. It is necessary to learn how to leash your dog to ensure it walks with you, remains with you as you pass other people and dogs, and stops when you make a stop. Teaching a dog is very challenging to most people who do not know how they can do it, but it is worth the efforts and also fun.


Dogs can pull you because they are unaware of how they are supposed to move. When your dog chooses to follow a specific direction, and you follow it behind, it will discover that pulling works well.

How to stop this

You need to stop moving in case the dog pulls and teach it that it should walk next with you. You should use things like leather dog leashes to control its movement. You should use an unfastened lead while with your dog, but this is not done quickly. It requires a dedication of much time and patience because shortcuts do not apply. But training is simple even if it requires the owner to be committed to achieving his or her goal. During the training period, you will have to take long walks, but this process is rewarding because you will get a calm dog and pleasant walks.


Searching from the internet will provide an extensive list of different pulling items, including some leather dog leashes. But some sources can cause discomfort or pain when pulling the dog, making it feel disturbed. It is because these tools lead to discomfort and tension in some sensitive regions. This is both confusing and unnecessary for the dog, which requires to understand that pulling does not successfully give it a way of going forward. You should use any equipment that makes the dog comfortable while walking with it (that is, collar and a flat harness). Sometimes you might be unable to control your dog, and in this case, you will have to choose the best tool that will not cause discomfort to your dog.

Using a front-attachment harness or a head collar can assist in discouraging the dog from dragging. Front-attachment harness helps the owner take better control of the dog because it is easy and safe to use because it is applicable for every dog. However, the equipment which ensures maximum control of the dog should be applied. Head collar and a front-attachment harness must be used with leather dog leashes with a maximum length of six feet. A long leather dog leash is not good because the dog will move fast, which can harm it and especially if it hits the end of that leash.

 There are simple techniques that can assist the dog in learning how to move without pulling and walk by your side. A dog can even be given treats such as food to ensure it does not drag. The steps written below will provide a detailed explanation of how to teach a dog how to walk without pulling.

Step 1: Moving with the owner is delicious

  • You should begin with attaching the dog on a leather dog leash or a rope that is about ten to twenty feet while wearing a typical harness. Get different pea-sized portions of cheese or meat to allow the dog to like the backyard, or the parts can act as a reward.
  • Then make a decision on which side your dog should follow, that is, either right or left. You should then offer food to the dog according to your chosen side. Soon the dog will start getting used to moving in that side because it will get a reward.
  • Walk randomly and briskly around the yard. You should continue rewarding the dog according to the chosen side and walk with it around the yard. If it follows you by the side you wanted, you should give it more rewards so that it can get used. In case the dog appears uninterested, then you can take it inside the house and take it for a walk later.
  • Then do practice until the dog stays beside you more often.

Step 2: The dog should admire following its owner

  • Start walking around the yard. Wait for some time when the dog is at the behind or walking on its own. The smack your thigh for a while until the dog notices then walk away.
  • When the dog reaches where you are, give it some rewards while ensuring it is beside you. You should give it some treats after taking a few steps to ensure it develops a habit.
  • If the dog stops walking beside you due to tight leash, stop moving, and apply some gentle pressure on the leather dog leash. Release the rope while praising the dog when it starts moving towards you. Then you should continue giving it some rewards in case it remains by your side. Continue practicing this until the dog understands what it should do when you are walking together.

Step 3: the dog should know when to smell

  • The dog should be able to relieve itself and sniff, which helps in teaching the dog how to behave. The dog should be able to follow you when you tell it to do so.

Step 4: The dog should pay attention to your movement

  • Continue doing practice until the dog can pay attention. Start giving it fewer rewards and provide it in case you want to teach it something new.  

Take it for a walk

Take it out of the yard and apply what you taught it while in the yard. But in this provide it with less rewards and only provide more when you want it to learn something new. You should also consider that there are many distractions on the streets meaning that you will have to use a head collar and a front-attachment harness for better control.

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