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Do you have an anxious pet who just won quit bugging or stressing? There might be a way to manage your dog’s anxiety and improve his health at the same time, and the solution is cannabidiol. Now, we’re no talking about weed, because some people actually give dog’s cannabis in the hope that it will cure anxiety, and in many cases that only serves to make things worse.

First off, let’s describe what CBD is and how it differs from cannabis in general. CBD is actually non psychoactive and is extracted from the hemp plant as an individual compound, rather than the whole bunch of cannabinoids – some of which may not register well with an anxious dog. So as a single compound, CBD won’t cause any of those unpleasant effects (though we’re speaking generally here).

So what is cannabidiol oil?

CBD oil is used widely by humans to provide relief for different ailments, though regulation is still a bit tight and so we can’t promote it as a medicine. The leaves, stalks, and buds of specially-grown hemp are put through a mechanical extraction process to isolate the compound CBD and use it on people and animals alike. Since the compound works the same way in animals as it does on people (through the endocrine system and the broader endocannabinoid system (ECS), the same quality product can be used on pets as well as humans.

How does CBD affect dogs?

CBD is generally safe to use on pets, provided you use only high quality cannabidiol and avoid those cheap fakes which in 5 cases contain very little CBD (and in the worst case, harsh chemicals used in the farming process).

What’s important is that you get the right CBD product for your dog, and that you understand how dogs absorb cannabidiol so you can use it effectively to manage your pet’s condition. There are many different types of CBD products specifically designed for pets.

Here are several forms of CBD for pets:

  • CBD treats for dogs

Just like people, dogs too enjoy tasty CBD edibles and will have an easier time ingestion the compound when added to dog treats. This is a more efficient way to give you pet cannabidiol because it gets digested like normal dog food, and perhaps the only downside is that the liver might not process the compound in its entirety on the first try, and this can limit the amount of bioavailable CBD. But dosages can be increased or decreased to take care of this aspect.

  • CBD tinctures for pets

These are sometimes called CBD oils and the formulas are excellent for oral dosage. CBD tinctures are sold in a small convenient bottle that you can use to administer a dose of CBD directly to your pet’s mouth; or if you prefer, add it to your pet’s food so that it digests normally. When fed directly to your dog, the CBD will be absorbed by the mucosa and will probably kick in faster than when added to food. To feed it sublingually, place a few drops under you pet’s tongue or spritz it down the throat for the same effect.

  • CBD topical for pets

CBD topicals are some of the most popular CBD products today, and they are good for people and animals alike. Just like humans, dogs too absorb cannabidiol through the skin, so just rub or brush the oil into their fur. This is a good way to treat skin disorders if your dog has them, and of course it gives you time to play with your favorite pet. It’s a nice way to treat your dog if you’ve discovered some pain, inflammation, or other discomfort that needs to be addressed.

Research on CBD for pets

The same backward policies and regulations that have prevented extensive peer-reviewed research into CBD for humans are the same stumbling blocks slowing down the use of cannabinoids for animal health. This often leaves dog owners to rely on anecdotal stories to find out if it’s safe to use CBD for pets.

Most of the criticism that has been leveled against people using cannabidiol for pets has revolved around the fact that the lack of proper dosage guidelines for CBD could mean that dog owners may give their pets too much cannabidiol, and therefore place undue pressure on some dogs that might have a more sensitive stomach.

Starting you dog on CBD

Starting your dog on CBD is a fairly straightforward process, just look for CBD formulas specifically designed for pets; instead of repurposing human formulas, which some people do. Just look for a high quality CBD strain from a supplier that carries a wide range of CBD pet products, because that way you will have an easy time feeding it to your dog and determining things like dosage. These products should be safe for your pet and lab-verified as containing 0.3% THC (though ideally, zero THC is better because animals are more sensitive than people when it comes to absorbing cannabinoids in general).

Do your research before using cannabidiol on your pet, and keep in mind that CBD is used to prove relief for a number of canine problems such as:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Appetite
  • Arthritis
  • Skin disorders

Again, we recommend that you consult a vet if your dog is unwell, and only use cannabidiol after the fact. CBD can provide relief for different pet ailments but it’s not exactly a miracle cure, so take good care of your pet. Good luck!

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