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Yes, the Goldendoodle is a good dog. They are created from the mix of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. This dog is not precisely a breed of its own but from a cross-breed. 

Our article highlights some of the Goldendoodle Dog’s various aspects and throws more light on our answer to it being a good dog. To learn more about this dog breed, you can also visit We Love Doodles.


This breed of dog is generally known for its friendliness. They consider everyone to be their friends, and they also enthusiastically greet new humans. They will gladly lavish love on anyone who holds long enough to them, and they expect the same kind of affection in return. 

They are generally content for a long time of snuggle-time with their favorite humans but are also very active. They have great delight in participating in family activities and are people-oriented. 

They love to play and quickly become leaders at games, such as hikes, swimming, or Frisbee. These are some of their favorite activities. 

This breed of dog is not known to be aggressive at all. They generally get along with other dogs, humans, and all kinds of animals like family guinea pig and cats. They are even-tempered, tolerant, and known to bear indignities such as being dressed up in funny outfits. This quality is not very common in other breeds. 

When well socialized and trained, they are adaptable to homes that usually have frequent company and host huge parties. They typically shed less and are excellent for people with allergies. They have the excellent all-round temperament. 


The addition of Poodle in their bloodlines make them less likely to shed much. There are exceptions as with other crossbreeds. However, the Goldendoodle is significantly less likely to shed compared to other breeds. Their tendencies to shed principally depends on the level of Poodle in their heritage. The more Poodle, the less likely to shed. 

When it comes to Goldendoodle, the curlier their coats, the lower their shedding. Those with Poodle-like, curly coats are relatively low-shedders.  


Because of their Poodle genes, this breed of dog is generally allergy-friendly. Allergies are usually caused by proteins found in dog urine, dander, and saliva. 

Because many do not shed so much, their dander is usually trapped underneath their coats, rather than freely shedding throughout the house. To decrease the possibilities of allergic reactions to be triggered, you want to groom your Goldendoodle with the accurate tools for its coat.  

Family Friendly

Perhaps you are looking to have a dog-pet who are excellent with families. Or a dog with a reliable and sweet character and one that posses a forgiving spirit. Or a dog who is eager-to-please, adaptable, affectionate, and one who has the capability to keep up with very active children, the Goldendoodle is the best option. The Goldendoodle will provide all of the above and more. 

People with allergies can ultimately tolerate the loyal Goldendoodle. This breed of dog is sturdy and strong enough to withstand the sometimes rough-housing of excitable, over-eager children, yet they are popularly very loving and gentle. This dog is an excellent choice for families. Goldendoodles also come in several several sizes including the mini Goldendoodle, medium Goldendoodle, and standard Goldendoodle.


They are incredibly social dogs and can sometimes get overly excited when meeting new dogs or people or playing with very active children. The possibility of little children to get knocked down by them during playtime is common because of the Goldendoodle’s oh-so-happiness.

The Goldendoodle can sometimes forget their manners and jump up with sloppy kisses when greeting people. However, the right training can fix these challenges. Their ability to easily accept trainings from their owners will make it easy for them to drop bad habits. 


Both Poodles and Golden Retrievers were bred to be easily-trained, intelligent, and hunting dogs. However, they are recently bred to be companion dogs. Their trainability and intellect have successfully been passed down to the Goldendoodles. 

This breed of dog generally strive to please their owners and are very easy-going. Because of these qualities, they are fairly easy to train with the use of positive reinforcement tactics. As a Goldendoodle owner, always reward their good behaviors and purposely ignore their bad behaviors Reward them with praises or treats. This will make them quickly catch on. 

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