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Thousands of dogs are being adopted, bought and rescued as we speak. Most of them, unsurprisingly, are the purebreds. People have got used to the idea that a dog with a “clean” bloodline has much better chances of being healthier, smarter and more predictably behaved than a mutt.

You’ll be surprised, though, how smart, quirky and loving these cross-breds can turn out to be, not to mention their unique and interesting appearance you can never get with the expected and predisposed look of purebred dogs. So prepare for a load of cuteness and delight with these amazing mixed-breed dogs you’ll definitely fall in love with.

Why Not Get a Mutt?

Apart from the predictable physical features and size, there’s not much else you can bet on that a pedigree dog will possess compared to a mutt. Yes, some genetic predisposition exists and it’s always a plus knowing the history of illnesses and possible disorders of your pet’s breed, but still there’s no guarantee for health regardless of any predictions.

In fact, research has shown that although it isn’t necessarily true that mutts are healthier, purebred dogs definitely have a higher risk of getting hereditary genetic disorders.

In addition, by opting for a mixed-breed dog you’re most probably adopting or rescuing a pup, as there are countless of mongrels drifting around, waiting to be either saved or heartlessly got rid of. Not to mention the packed rescue shelters and non-profit organizations struggling to provide these poor animals with bare necessities.

Once you get past the purebreed fuss, you’ll understand that every dog is a blessing of its own, regardless of the genetic makeup.

8 Super Loveable Mixed-Breed Dogs

Here are the eight quirkiest mixed pups you should definitely consider adopting if you’re looking for a furry companion.

Pitsky – Husky and Pitbull

This odd combo may create too odd of an image in your head, but in reality, these pooches are an overload of adorableness. Although you never know which gene will prevail with mutts, Pitskys usually get the piercing blue eyes of a Husky and the beautiful almond shape of a Pitbull. Watch out for their temperament, though, as both parent breeds tend to be a bit of loners and self-sufficient. 

Border Aussie – Border Collie and Australian Shepherd

All Border Collie mixes are smarties among dogs, but this noticeable hybrid is not only recognisable for its intelligence, but also for its distinctive appearance. Since they are susceptible to heterochromia and come in a variety of coat colours, Border Aussies are true showstoppers. 

Boxador – Labrador Retriever and Boxer

The opposites attract, right? Boxador is a living proof. The opposing features of a Labrador Retriever and a Boxer go so well together, as they make a sturdy, muscular body combined with a small and friendly-looking Labrador face. Weirdly beautiful, don’t you think?

Labradoodle – Labrador and Poodle

A star among mutts, this curly goofball definitely covers the best of its parent breeds. Labradors are an epitome of loyalty, friendliness and wits, while Poodles steal the show with their majestic coat and royal demeanour. Mix these two and you get a family-friendly pooch with a potential of winning all dog shows. 

Photo by Justin W on Unsplash

Pomsky – Pomeranian and Husky

Imagine a Pomeranian-sized Husky – it’s real!  Pomskys usually get the piercing blue eyes, the pointy ears, and thick fur of a Husky, with the energetic and upbeat personality of a Pomeranian. Both breeds are quite headstrong and wild, so a Pomsky is no less of a handful. 

German Sherpei – German Shepherd and Shar-pei

The narrow, squinty eyes and the innocent look combined with the pointy nose and erect ears…what a combo! With this mutt, you can really see the two breed traits mixed in a very interesting-looking dog. As far as personality goes, these dogs are real gentle giants.

Golden Husky/Goberian – Golden Retriever and  Siberian Husky

This stunning cross-breed has shown to be very unpredictable concerning the features that get to be predominant. Nevertheless, Goberians are true head-turners with their mysterious look and colourful coat with the most interesting patterns. If you’re lucky to get a dog with Goldie’s temperament, it can become your new family member, ready to learn some cool tricks.

Cocker Pug – Cocker Spaniel and Pug

If you like “Lady and the Tramp” this hybrid will eerily remind you of the two breeds intertwined in one image. A Cocker Pug usually inherits the Cocker Spaniel’s grace and classy demeanour, but with the Pug’s innocent and dopey undertone. These cute mutts are great for flats as they are of perfect size and are very well-behaved.

Final Thoughts 

Some dog breed combinations may sound too strange in theory, but in reality, they turn out unusually  beautiful. Although you can never know which genes will prevail in a growing cross-bred pup, these mutts are an epitome of cuteness and uniqueness. Find your dog’s breed and other fun facts with a reverse search image tool!

Photo by Ruby Schmank on Unsplash

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