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Natural Remedies for Eye Infections: Dogs

By February 15, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

Nature’s Herbs for Pets Clear Vision is beneficial for many eye conditions: eye infections/inflammation, double/blurred vision, dry eyes (non-tearing), conjunctivitis, failing eyesight, dilatation of pupils, cloudy eyes, etc.

For minor conditions, a treatment course is 1 week and for more serious/chronic problems, a treatment course is 3-4 weeks. It can be repeated as necessary.

About Nature’s Herbs for Pets
Dr. Victor Tse is a 6th generation Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor. His grandfather, recognizing his grandson’s interest in animals, passed down to him a number of his personal formulas. After emigrating to Canada in 1988, Dr. Tse spent 6 years adjusting the formulas so that Pets could be treated generically, without the need for a personal examination. The result was his production of a range of effective Chinese herbal remedies which can be used without any knowledge of Chinese Medicine.
Nature’s Herbs for Pets has been dedicated to the holistic healing of cats and dogs now for many many years.

Clear Vision for Dogs contains either 60 pills or 300 pills. Clear Vision for Cats contains 60 pills.
Pills too big for your pet? Try the All-in-One Pill Crusher & Splitter.


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