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When we think of natural disasters, we think of destruction and even death. And we can’t prevent them from occurring. This is why we plan ahead. We buy insurance, fortify our homes, stock up on food and water and more. And in extreme cases, we have an evacuation plan as well. So in case disaster strikes, we are safe and sound and our properties are well accounted for.

But apart from the human members of the family, and besides our physical properties, we also need to tend to the members of our family who are just as vulnerable in cases of natural disasters. Pets are often neglected in extreme cases. When people need to evacuate their homes, they might not be able to bring their pets with them. Refuge areas often don’t have facilities for pets, and so owners have little choice but to leave them behind.

Some owners will not leave their homes without their pets.

Even if you don’t think anything could happen bad to your pets, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared just in case your city is hit by a natural disaster or whatever catastrophic even that could possibly separate them from you. Create a pet emergency plan to make sure that whatever happens, your pets will fare well.

Some questions you need to get answers to include:

  • How much water does my dog need to consume?
  • How accessible is my dog’s medicine and back up supply?
  • How well does my dog respond to strangers (this may assist with aid workers etc)?
  • Is there an indication on the outside of my apartment door stating the number of pets I have inside incase I am not home or not available to assist?
  • Are my pets supplies readily accessible in case a stranger needs to access them (harness, carrier, leash, meds).
  • How much regular food do I have in stock in case there is an emergency? Does it require I order more in advanced? What dry food should I have in stock that will bode well with my dog’s diet?
  • Do I have a pet first aid kit?
  • Who else has a copy of my dog’s vaccinations and medical history if it’s not on file electronically?
  • Is my pet microchiped in case we get seperated?
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