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When a Corgi comes into your life, he or she can transform your world. Whether it’s training courses with your pup or some quality bonding time on a walk, you get to experience the love of an animal and bring joy to other people around you. When it comes to Corgis, their loyalty knows no bounds, and you’ll feel that energy every time you walk through the door. Whether you’ve owned Corgis your whole life or have just gotten a cute new pup, here are seven things all Corgi owners know.

Corgis Are Extremely Adaptable

This resilient breed is capable of living in apartments, the countryside, or the suburbs! They can also tolerate living in hot or cold climates and can handle being alone for hours at a time. Corgis are not very needy dogs, but owners do need to be firm and reinforce themselves when training. After all, Corgis have quite the personality! If you are looking for good gifts for Corgi lovers, check out a training book, a new leash, or even text a gift card to a Corgi owner for treats!  Also, corgis need to be careful with exercise and activity levels. To learn more visit The Puppy Mag.

They’re Prone to Certain Health Ailments

Corgis are relatively healthy, but they do have certain health conditions they’re prone to. Hip dysplasia is something a lot of Corgi owners have to deal with because of the anatomy of their dog. This can be detected based on how your Corgi is walking or if there’s a limp. Cataracts, epilepsy, and vision issues are also common ailments for this breed.

They Have a Lot of Hair

We know that shedding may not be your favorite part of owning a pet, but it’s a well-known part of being a dog owner. Corgis specifically have a double coat which requires additional grooming. Like most dogs, they have two shedding seasons: spring and fall. Keep up with their coat and be sure to brush your Corgi daily. If a friend or family member just added a Corgi to their family unit, a dog brush makes a great gift for Corgi lovers so that they can get through that thick, double coat.

They’re Good Watchdogs

Corgis aren’t aggressive, but they do protect their own. Originally used as herding dogs, their instincts keep them alert with their eyes peeled for any potential threats. They will notify their owners when something seems awry. Plus, they have a surprisingly large bark for their tiny bodies, so you’ll know the second that they want to bring something to your attention.

They Have a Lot of Energy

These dogs were made for running. Despite their stumpy legs, they like to get up and move. Corgis can get bored easily, so whether you’re giving them a challenging toy to chew on or just letting them roam free in the backyard, they need to use their built-up energy. If not, they get destructive and can chew on tables, shred clothing, and gnaw on shoes. So be sure to text a gift card for chew toys to any Corgi owner you know!

They Are Motivated by Food

Corgis are highly motivated by food. A great way to harness their intelligence is using food to guide and train them. Whether you are going through the potty training stage or teaching your Corgi new tricks, be sure to have some goodies on hand to help motivate them. Text a gift card to your friends with dogs for Corgi treats to help them get through any training stage.

Corgis Are Incredibly Loyal

Corgis have been bred for centuries, and their natural instinct is to be by their owner’s side. This stems from them originally being bred as a herding dog for sheep and cattle. They tend to follow their owners around the house and never want to leave your side. Whether you’re going to the bathroom or heading to the kitchen for a snack, chances are, they’ll be right there with you.

Corgi owners know that at the end of the day these pups have your back. Corgis will always greet you with a pep in their step and keep you on your toes every day. They are fiercely loyal, intelligent, and are an integral part of any family they’re a part of.


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