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Dogs can bring so much joy to any household. With their crazy antics and unpredictable behaviour, having a dog at home can improve the mood of everyone living with them. Dogs can also be an addition to a family. They can safeguard your loved ones, valuables and property when you’re not around. They can also offer help with chores once trained. However, having a dog that chews on almost everything – from fabrics, children’s toys, slippers, and clothes – can be stressful. This kind of behaviour can cause tension in the house and damage to your belongings. If you’re seeing this destructive behaviour from your dog, consider using bully sticks.

What Are Bully Sticks, Anyway?

In case you’re a new pet owner or don’t know anything about bully sticks, these are actually dog treats which are made from high-protein beef muscles. Unlike other dog treats you can buy from your local pet stores, bully sticks are 100% natural and safer alternatives. These can be brought in different sizes ranging from 6” to 12” inches. Some pet owners would even consider bully sticks as a staple in their dog’s diet.

What Are The Benefits Of Bully Sticks?

Being a pet owner means a lot of responsibilities are put on your shoulders. All of the things you give your dog can have an impact on his behaviour. This is probably the reason why you’re always careful in deciding which treats to give. If you only want the best for your dog, bully sticks should be included on your list. These can be helpful especially if your dog is frequently chewing on non-edible items. Here are the many benefits:


  1. Bully sticks are healthy and all-natural: As a pet owner, you would always want to see your dog living healthily. You don’t mind paying for vaccines and supplements just so your dog can live his life to the fullest. If maintaining your dog’s health is your priority, go ahead and use bully sticks. These are made from premium quality, 100% natural free-range and grass-fed beef. Since these contain a high amount of protein and fewer fats, bully sticks are also appropriate for overweight dogs. These can help in keeping your dog’s organs and muscles healthy. Additionally, bully sticks have vitamins and minerals necessary for canine health.

2.  Bully sticks have variety: There are many dog breeds out there and what’s good for some can’t be good for others. There should always be variety in order for pet owners like you to provide what your dog really needs – and fortunately, bully sticks do come in a wide variety! If you have a puppy and is showing signs of excessive chewing, look for bully sticks for puppies which are about 6” thin in size and weighs around 7 grams. If you own bigger breeds of dogs, you can opt to give them bully sticks which are 12” in size and 94 grams in weight. Each of these bully sticks also have different amounts of calories which can suit your dog’s unique needs. Bully sticks also come in unscented and scented variants.

   3.  Bully sticks promote dental health: Just like human beings, dental health is also essential for dogs. When they have poor dental health, they can’t eat well which can make them susceptible to illnesses and diseases in the long run. Aside from brushing your dog’s teeth, bully sticks can also help. These can remove built-up plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth and promote healthier gums and teeth. Plus, bully sticks can also stave off oral diseases such as periodontal disease and gingivitis. These can even do wonders in keeping your dog’s breath fresh and clean. Without a doubt, bully sticks are an easier and more fun way of maintaining your dog’s dental health!


  1. Bully sticks are completely digestible: If you’re looking for dog treats, you can easily find one in every pet store. But unlike bully sticks, most of these aren’t regulated by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Bully sticks are made from 100% natural ingredients, free of chemicals, dyes, and pesticides. Because of the purity of its ingredients, bully sticks are easy and safe to digest.


        Bully sticks relieve boredom: There are many reasons why dogs chew excessively. It could be their way of getting your attention or relieve themselves from stress or anxiety. But most of the time, dogs are chewing on everything because they’re bored or their teeth are worrying them. Giving them bully sticks is a good way to keep them occupied and alleviate boredom. This will serve as an effective outlet to burst out their energy. They’ll be too busy chewing on bully sticks that they’ll never have the time and interest to chew on your valuables again!


In With The New


Unwanted chewing can be normal for some dogs especially when they’re young. But when your dog continues to have the same behaviour even when he’s already old, and you’ve already corrected him several times, as a pet owner, you should seek other solutions. Don’t think that this kind of behaviour will change on its own. If all of your attempts didn’t work in the past, why not try bully sticks. These might be the only solution you’ll need to stop your dog’s unwanted chewing.

Jessica Walker

Jessica is an animal activist and pet own who enjoys helping the less fortunate. She helps out at the local animal shelter, and writes for different animal related websites like Paw Struck. In her spare time she loves spending time with her friends and family.

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