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Doggy Daycare is something of a new trend, but something that we believe is beneficial to dogs everywhere. A dog isn’t meant to be left on its own for 5 days a week, which is why sending them to daycare for 1 or 2 of them can be so beneficial. There are a whole range of positive things that your pet can get out of daycare, and we’ve put together a list of our top ones.

  1. Human interaction

It’s important for your dog to be around people, and that includes people other than you. This makes them confident around strangers and teaches them the proper way to greet someone. Many dogs can get very protective of their owners, or shy when another person is around. Daycare introduces them to a whole range of people and improves their social skills.

  1. Meeting Other Dogs

This is a big one. Interaction with humans is great for your pet but being able to meet other dogs is one of the reasons why daycare is so great. Dogs are naturally very sociable animals, so being able to meet other dogs and make new friends is something that they’ll always want to do, just like people! Introducing them to daycare early means that they are unlikely to show aggression towards other dogs in the future and will help you when you take them out for a walk or to the dog park.

  • They Are Supervised

While meeting other dogs is all well and good, scuffles can always break out, which is why a doggy daycare is a great idea in order to provide supervised playtime. This way, the dogs will learn what is and isn’t acceptable, and you know that they aren’t going to return home with any nasty injuries. If a dog ever does get into a little scrape, a professional pet nanny at a daycare will know canine first aid, and so be able to ensure that everything is cleaned up and disinfected properly.

  • Great Exercise

Dogs love a good bit of exercise, and all dogs need a certain amount of it. For many breeds, a walk every day just won’t cut it, they need to be able to run, play, and be properly panting before they’ve had enough. Sending your pet to doggy daycare can provide them with this much needed exercise. They can play as much as they want or need to and it will leave them worn out when they get back home! This will lead to a fit and healthy pet and will keep their weight stable as well.

  • Helps with Separation Anxiety

A lot of our pets are left for long stretches of time during the day. While some dogs manage ok with this, and get into a routine with their owners, they are still alone for most of the week. Going to doggy daycare once or twice a week can help them feel more at ease during the times that they are alone. Just like when we’ve been seeing friends, we’re happy to spend the next evening on the couch! Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety more than others, so interacting with other dogs and humans can really help with this, and you’ll soon see a difference in their day-to-day behaviour.

  • No More Boredom

While your dog might not suffer from separation anxiety when you’re gone, they can get bored, particularly if you are working long hours. Being bored for a dog doesn’t generally lead to anything good. Particularly dogs who need a lot of stimulation, they will be wandering around the house looking for something to exercise their brains. This can often lead to bad habits such as chewing – and destroying anything that’s within sight. If this continues, it will form a habit, so that you’ll only need to be in another room for them to start on your sofa. Sending them to doggy daycare breaks this cycle. The mental stimulation that they receive there means that they won’t be so inclined to look for it at home, leaving you with a well-behaved pooch.

There you have it, six of the best benefits of sending your pooch to doggy daycare. Not only are they sure to have loads of fun, but they’ll make loads on new friends! Who knows, by meeting other pet owners when dropping your fur baby off, you might meet some new people as well.

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