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There are several ways to find the best doggy daycare for your pooch. Dog daycare needs to be more than only a place to leave your dog when you’re not able to be with them.  Dog daycares are now a place for your dog to socialize, to be mentally engaged, and to have a higher quality of life than staying at home sleeping.

Types of Doggy Daycare in NYC

Exactly like children, dogs gain from routine and benefit from being around other pups.  Humans are social creatures, dogs are not too dissimilar as pack animals in terms of benefiting from having their social needs met.  Regardless of breed, size and temperament.   Just because your dog may fail the interview, it doesn’t indicate you don’t have a great dog, it only suggests that daycare might not be a fantastic match with your dog.  Some dog daycare facilities are better for larger dogs, others for smaller dogs-regardless you want your dog to go to a place where he can build his confidence.  Your breed of dog may thrive in an facility where there is ample room to run around.

The Lost Secret of Doggy Daycare in NYC

Manhattan dogs face unique challenges that pups in other urban areas simply do not face.  For starters the limited amount of trees and grass found (natural overally, really) is a less than ideal situation for pets.

For those blessed enough to live close to Central Park or an area where dogs can go off leash (restricted hours of course), this is wonderful.  For those who live downtown in Manhattan, getting your pup regular access to off leash socialization especially in the dead of summer and the peak of the winter presents each challenges such as season affective disorder in dogs.

To new dog owners with puppies- start socialization early and get your pup into playgroups and or doggie daycare at least once a week. Ask for half days once a week which will suffice in meeting your pup’s social needs. Be sure to go on the same day every week so your pup can make new friends but also develop longer term friendships.

How to Choose Doggy Daycare in NYC

When you’re actually start the research process for examining individual boutique doggy daycares to pinpoint which is the most acceptable dog daycare for your pup, you need closely analyze a few things.  What features attract and differentiate one facilitiy from the next? Are you looking for a daycare that is cozy and warm? Are you looking for one close to your home or work or will travelling a bit futher be a better fit for your dog?  What is your gut decision about the place overall?

The Long Game

Will your pup suffer or ever grow out of separation anxiety? Does your pup have social needs that are not being met at home? (of course not). Are you a work at home parent? Significant other in grad school?  Are you frequently travelling? These are all factors that can be contributing factors in choosing which daycare is right for you and your dog.

Be sure to work with a professional that can help you determine a short and long game for your dogs social and emotional needs for the immediate future as well as for years to come.  All dogs benefit from socializing, but the speed and frequency will also be factors in taking steps towards starting daycare and getting your pup’s paws wet may be a more gradual process for some depending on their previous history.

Doggy Daycare in NYC Can Be Fun for Everyone

If you’re interested in just going to the dog park you might want to up your knowledge and competence game in the fields of dog behavior, canine CPR, and canine first aid.  Dog fights in NYC at dog parks are not uncommon.

Make sure that your dog daycare business can be found within a populated place with educated staff.  If you don’t have prior experience with owning a pet attempt to discover an animal rescue group or vet clinic at which you can volunteer or foster to see if that meets your animal loving needs. Some large doggie daycares can be too overwhelming for your dog. Others are cage free environments guarantees that your pup has lots of room to lounge and sleep without feeling confined.

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