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If you’ve got a pet dog, they can get sick too just like you. When they fall ill, your default reaction would most likely be to bring them to a veterinary clinic. The veterinarian who treated your dog might then prescribe them with medications supposedly designed to bring their health back to normal. However, even if you’ve followed the correct dosage written in the veterinarian’s prescription, your dog might still be feeling sick. After exploring some alternative remedies that are safe for dogs, you’ve come across CBD oil. The said cannabis plant extract may be legal in your state, but you should first take a look at its pros and cons before using it for your dog.

Pros of CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil has yet to be widely used by dog owners everywhere. However, there’s no denying the fact that your sick dog can benefit from the said herbal extract. Some of the advantages of CBD oil for your dog are as follows:

CBD oil may lower your dog’s anxiety levels.

You might want to be with your dog 24/7, but life often gets in the way of taking care of them. Your dog might then engage in destructive behaviors that can eventually cause them to suffer from separation anxiety. Fortunately, you may be able to combat this health condition a natural way by giving them CBD oil.

CBD oil may help fight cancer cells that your dog may have.

According to the Animal Cancer Foundation, approximately six million dogs get diagnosed with cancer each year. Your dog might even be one of them right now.

A permanent cure for cancer in dogs has yet to surface anytime soon. For the meantime, letting your dog take CBD oil can help prevent cancer cells in their body from spreading further.

Cons of CBD Oil for Dogs

But for all the advantages of CBD oil for dogs as mentioned above, there are also a few disadvantages to using it for your dog, some of which are as follows:

CBD oil can cause them to become lethargic and depressed.

As with most alternative medicines, side effects may arise after using too much CBD oil for your dog. One of those side effects is that your dog might suddenly become less energetic and enthusiastic compared to before giving them CBD oil.

Your dog may also suffer from various physical symptoms after you’ve given them too much CBD oil.

Aside from experiencing lethargy and depression, your dog might also excessively drool, vomit, shake, and become easily agitated after letting them take too much CBD oil. You should thus put only a few drops of CBD oil directly into your dog’s mouth three times a day and no more than that.


Using CBD oil to help treat various ailments that dogs suffer from might still be a novel thing to do even as of this writing. But as more and more people are opening their minds to the wonders that CBD oil can bring not only to humans but dogs as well, it might not be long before every dog owner has a stash of CBD oil both for themselves and their dogs. However, before heading over to the nearest pet store or dispensary to buy CBD oil for your dog, you should weigh its pros and cons first as listed above. Places like may give you more information about CBD oils for dogs.

James Thompson

James is a pet advocate and is studying to become a vet. He has 2 dogs called Pete and Georgia and loves to take them walking in the local park. He loves to write on behalf of websites such as Cannabis Supplements For Pets and enjoys learning everything he can about different animals. One day he hopes to be a fully fledged vet.

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