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Do you have a dog who loves to follow you around, and you feel irritated or annoyed? If yes, you might need to take some time to read the following reasons why your dog follows you around. It will be a step for you to understand your dog.  Remeber- dogs were hailed to  be a man’s best friend, in royalty often sitting next to the king or queen and in modern day- we have the lapdogs, the companion dogs and yes even the service dogs! It is probably because of their gentle and sweet nature that we love them so.  These are pets known to love their human parent(s) more than they love themselves. No wonder they love following them around. Furthermore, there are also multiple other reasons why dogs love following you around. It is beneficial because it strengthens their relationship with their person and for some it is also a good exercise like in the instance for less active and senior dogs.  


If you love spoiling and pampering your dogs and you happen to have a clingy dog who loves reinforcements (attention, affection, or just loves to love on you or be loved on), then expect him or her to be always around.  They’re after rewards like pats on the head, belly scratches, toys, food, and anything that makes them happy. Hence, make sure that you only reward them when they do something desirable if you do not want them to be around all the time.  Or else, you might have a hard time dealing with their clinginess. 


Dogs like beagles are naturally clingy and attached dogs due to their genes. Genes are one of the reasons why dogs are overly attached to their owners compared to other dogs. Wherein they always want to be beside them. Therefore, if your dog is excessively attached to you, consider looking into his genes. You might discover that they really can’t help not seeing you or being around you because of their genes.


Even dogs suffer from anxiety, which could be due to separation issues. Dogs who have multiple owners display distress and anxiety. They are too scared that their new owner might leave them again. Therefore, if you are into adopting and fostering dogs, they will probably follow you around. Hence, it is essential to be always patient, caring, and understanding around them because they’ve been through more than you can ever imagine. 


Dogs also get bored when they’re just at home almost the whole day. Therefore, if you have noticed, inside dogs follow their human parent(s) around the house when they just arrived home. It could be because they are eager to go for a walk after a day of waiting for their person and are ready to do a bonding activity with their best friend. To know if this is the reason why they keep following you, show them their leash and or harness. Looking at excitement or happiness can tell that they want to go for a walk. 


Being a pet parent a dog is a big responsibility. As a pet mom or dad, you must understand that you are the center of our dog’s universe. It is one of the reasons why they always follow their human around. They are after companionship, and they would love to be around you 24/7. They wouldn’t even care about other stuff as long as they are with you. It is more than enough to make them happy.


Dogs also get bored. They also experience lazy days. Wherein they get bored of playing and waiting for their owner to arrive. Therefore, if you have noticed that your dog is not interested in its daily routine, the dog is probably bored. The next thing you must know is that they will follow you around to make themselves feel better. It is also their technique for you to bring them out for a walk.


Fireworks, banging sounds, and even vacuums can make your dog feel scared. Therefore, when you see them following you around when there’s a loud noise, comfort them. There is a high chance that your dog is scared of the sound. Therefore you must let them follow you around to make them feel safe. Being around their main person when they’re sacred serves as a comfort zone for them. It is where they feel safe and secured.


If your dog is not the clingy type of dog, and they are following you around, it’s probably trying to tell you something. As dog owners, you must be aware if your dog is trying to communicate with you when they’re following you around. It is an excellent way to avoid any misunderstandings between the two of you.


Since dogs can’t properly communicate how they feel, they follow their owners everywhere when they are in pain. Senior dogs who know they’re about to die do this. Even dogs that are sick and cannot tolerate the pain they feel follow their boss everywhere.

It shows that you must not disregard your dog if it’s extra clingy. There are always high chances for them to be feeling something unusual in their body. That is why bring them to the veterinarian as soon as possible.


The development falls under puppies. Puppies that were taken away and separated from their mother at an early stage think that their owner is their mother. Therefore they want to be always around them as if they are a child. It is also an excellent way to develop their social relationship with other people.


Just like a small child, dogs follow their best human friend around due to curiosity. They badly want to be involved with the daily life of their owner. Therefore, they love following them around to ease their fascination with the things their owner is doing. If your dog is a puppy, they’re the ones who are highly curious about what is happening around them.


Love is the simplest and sweetest reason why dogs love to follow their person around. They are simply in love with them hence the reason why they love being around them. Just sitting or standing beside them makes them happy, which releases oxytocin that releases happy hormones.


Dogs that just came from abandonment, abuse, and more may suffer from caveats. Because of this, they want to follow their owner around to ease their feeling of fright. Furthermore, there is also a tendency that they are scared of too many people. Because of this, they love and prefer being around their owner no matter where he or she goes.


The stress here does not fall under the dogs. It is for their owners. Dogs can feel when their person is troubled by something. Whenever you are sad or problematic, your dog can see and feel it. That is the reason why they prefer to be around their person the whole day. 

They can serve as a therapy dog that can help them anytime and anywhere when having an episode or attack.


Dogs often feel that they are a part of the family that adopted them. Wherein they see them as their flock, and the person is the leader. And as members, they feel obliged to follow their leader anywhere he goes. Therefore, if your dog is the type that goes with groups, do not be curious if he likes following you even if you are with your family and friends.


Disorientation happens among senior dogs that start to have neurocognitive problems. When suffering from disorders like “doggie dementia,” they suddenly become extra clingy. When this happens, bring your dog to the nearest vet to have him checked. It will also ensure that your dog is healthy. Furthermore, additional symptoms of disorientation could be different patterns of sleep, anxiety, and behavior problems.

Being a dog parent is a dog is both a blessing and a responsibility. Before having a dog, it is essential to think about it a hundred times. It is not like your other type of life decisions that you decided to make in five minutes. If you want to have a dog, you must be ready. You should fully understand your dog. You must also be knowledgeable of the dos and don’ts. It will be helpful when it is a new dog. You should make sure that you are aware of the things the dog has been through in the moments when he was not yet with you. When you realize and understand why your dogs prefer to be around you all the time, you will have a better relationship. A close and loving relationship with your dog will be perfect.

Furthermore, dogs are the perfect companion because they will never leave and hurt you. Dogs are also proven to be therapeutic. They reduce the possibility of developing mental and physical health problems. They would give you a feeling of ease and comfort when you are stressed. And also, playing and going for walks with them may serve as a physical exercise for you. Hence, it only shows that both dogs and person benefit from each other. People who have a close and loving relationship with their parent are absolutely a match made in heaven. They have proven that a dog is a man’s best friend, and nothing can ruin the special bond that they have. 

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