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 Pets; so much joy they bring into the house! Occasional feelings of euphoria jumping from our hearts to our heads when they give us those cute little hugs.

However, despite how much they wish to help us; and be useful in the house, their tiny fibers of hair aren’t always cooperative.

So, after watching a movie with your dog on the couch, your couch is decorated with strands of hair. As a pet-owner, you wouldn’t want this- who wants extra chores anyway? We have gathered ways you can manage this- while still enjoying your pets company.

Let’s dive in:

Clean the mess

In my home, pets are as welcome as humans on the couch. And you know what that means- filaments of hair left suspended on it. But then, then the simple rule of thumb when it comes to clearing pet hair is- clean it up.

Yeah…if pets are allowed on furniture in your home- just as in mine- you can’t possibly rule out the chances of a mess being created. So, you have got to put appropriate measures in place and follow certain routines to clean the mess.

The first, of such measures, would be getting a robot vacuum cleaner. If you are familiar with these vacuums, it would be no news to you that you could use robot vacuums for all sorts of needs. Their powerful section makes them excellent vacuums for removing pet-hair; not leaving out high-pile carpets in their operation.

Use a cover

Your decision to keep the pets on the furniture might cost you some extra bucks- no doubt. But, you have got to know where to direct the few dollars too. An efficient way of putting your money to use would be getting some blankets or furniture.

So, the next time you are watching the block-buster movie with your pet, simply lay it over your furniture. This would make clean-up even more easier- just toss in the wash and voila- muddy paw prints are gone. Cool idea huh! If you want a more tailored look, check out for slipcovers and chairs made for pets. They would be really worth the cash- trust me!

Set boundaries

Perhaps, you have that precious piece of furniture passed down from generations or one received as a gift from a loved one- you wouldn’t want it tempered with, surely. Give your dog direct orders; orders banning it from reaching there. If it does, set a punishment. When it comes to pets, consistency is key. Do it over and over again until your dog gets acclimated with the new system. Frustrated with training? Hire a qualified dog trainer in your area.  

Redirect the scratching

Even the most dedicated cat-lover fusses when their cat scratches where it isn’t supposed to. But, is it really their fault? Of course not!

But surely, it would be your fault if you fail to teach your pet what to do. there are spots on your furniture you wouldn’t want your cat to touch, so get a cat scratcher. Take advantage of pets’ natural instinct of gravitating towards approval. So, praise them when they make use of the scratcher.

Set up an alternative

If you don’t like something; you eliminate it- or set up a substitute. You can apply that trick here too. Instead of keeping your dog on the furniture, why don’t you get it a personal furniture or a different bed meant for only it?  you might be surprised how much it would love it. in fact, your dog might end up choosing it over your furniture.

But, it is a gradual process. It is used to laying on your furniture; so you have to put in some effort in order to change its preference. You could play bone or play toys on the bed, so it goes there instead. also, praise him whenever it chooses to lie on its bed as a replacement for your couch. Anyways, you guys wouldn’t miss your fun moment together.

Wrapping up

Remember, if you don’t like it- take action!

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