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Do you strongly dislike to leave your dog alone in the home? Does your dog give you those sad, watery, puppy dog eyes when you reach for the front door? Do they look like their world is coming to an end because you have to go to work?

Leaving your dog at home doesn’t have to mean actually saying goodbye thanks to technology. There are tons of gadgets for caring for a pooch when you’re away including electric water fountains, automatic feeders, and even automatic ball launchers.

But one of the biggest inventions for pet parents who hate to say goodbye is the dog surveillance camera. These cameras allow us, parents, from outside the house to see, talk, treat, and play with our dogs. And keep an eye on them of course.

Here are some of the best dog surveillance systems currently available on the market.

  1. Koios – 1080p WIFI Nanny Cam USB Wall Travel Charger Camera

Nanny cam is one of the best, simple, easy, and convenient choices since forever for almost every purpose including monitoring your pets. It is easy to install, it’s better than other heavy-duty pet gadgets to keep an eye on your dog.  It is such a smart and cool device it has an easy set-up like under 5mins and you’re done! Wow sounds good?

With this device, you can get motion detection phone alerts. You can monitor your dog live or there’s also a choice of recording videos on your smartphone.

It also features a 1080p HD crystal clear color video with audio as well as a 90º wide angle cover undetectable lens with a low light sensor.

It appears to look and performs like a USB Charger. It is compatible with Apple (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows, tablets & more.

Not only that, but it also stores up to 120 hours on 128GB card (Optional).

  1. Wi-Fi Pet Camera

It is a small, elegantly designed camera with a bullet-shaped glossy black and white appearance that can be mounted on the wall for extra safety, or sit on an end table near the couch where your dog hangs. The wide-angle lens enables you to stream your dog video at home, and it automatically uploads to cloud storage.

But they’re more than just a camera. Using a two-way microphone, you can speak to your pup and he can tell you about his day; the device has various ringtones, and you can teach your dog to come to the camera for a specific sound using the treat dispensing feature.

This system just drops the treats onto the floor (instead of throwing them away), so make sure it is placed where the treats are accessible. It also has a game of laser pointers to keep your dog entertained if you are not home. As many as eight people can access the camera with one password, so friends and family can also check on your dog when you’re busy in a meeting at work or traveling.

  1. Treat Cam

This sort of camera lets you see, talk to, photograph (and post on their social media site, or any other site you choose), and treat your dog’s using their favorite snacks when you’re away from home by using the app on your cell phone. It will play a chime to alert your dogs that it’s time to check-in.

You can speak to them (and try to get them to stop chewing on the couch cushions). One of the best features of the treat cams is the Treat Launcher, which shoots a treat across the room, so you can play an energetic game of fetch and give your pup some exercise.

The wide-angle camera has night vision mode so, after dark, you can spy on your dog.

  1. Digital dog cameras

The digital dog cameras go way beyond just giving you a peek at your dog at home. The system is designed to send alerts to your cell phone when your dog is barking so you can see what’s going on. It allows you to talk to your dog to calm him down (and ask him to be quiet).

The digital dog cam can take a dog selfie when your dog is facing the camera. When a human comes into view it will let you know (so you can check on your dog walker). It even works with Amazon’s Alexa to call your dog, so you can’t just give him a treat, but really chuck it in the air for a telecommuting catch game.

It has a high-quality HD camera with infrared night vision and a 160° wide angle. It even automatically turns on once your phone is out of Bluetooth range when you leave the house.

  1. Play pet camera

The play pet camera is an interactive system. It has a rubber piece on the bottom to keep it from sliding around on a table, or you can mount it on the wall.

The Pet Play camera allows you to see, record, monitor, and play with your dog when you’re not at home. It has a wide-angle, sharp 1080p camera with night vision for low or no-light conditions; a built-in laser toy so you can entertain your baby; and sound and motion alerts.

Play pet camera’s another model that allows you to see, talk to, play, and most importantly, reward your dog remotely with treats. It can toss treats up to six feet at varying distances, so if you’ve got an active dog, this is the one for you. It can also toss treats at scheduled times, and you can reorder treats with the pet app. You can talk to your dog with two-way audio, and the camera has a night vision so you can still see your pup in the dark.

Do you know of any other cool cats and dog gadgets? Share them in section Comments!

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