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 Newbie pet parents all agree that it could be pretty challenging to decide on which essential items they should buy for their fur babies. Should you buy a leather or nylon collar and leash? Which chew toys should you buy for your puppy? What items consist a grooming kit? Which food and treats would be appropriate for your dog? The best food and water bowls are made with what materials?

The questions go on. And for someone who doesn’t have any experience on pet-parenting, the choices available can be overwhelming. Now, here comes another one: Should you buy a dog crate? If it is deemed necessary, what are the top things you should consider making sure you’re choosing the right option and that it’s worth the purchase?


What are Dog Crates?

A dog crate is simply a cage that’s made of wire, plastic or metal. It is used for various purposes which include transporting a dog with ease, comfort and security and providing them a hygienic personal space to keep them temporarily settled, especially whenever guests visit you at home. Read more information about crate training and its importance here.

Taking your pet to a veterinary clinic for regular check-ups could be more convenient if you have a lightweight, convenient-to-carry-around dog crate. Whenever you travel and you can’t leave your fur buddy behind because you can’t find someone else to look after him, this item also comes in handy, whether it’s a weeklong vacation to a faraway escape or just a short weekend road trip.

In addition, many pet owners use kennel training to correct destructive behavior such as biting and chewing. Doing so has been economically beneficial for them since they avoid unexpected expenses for replacing destroyed stuff at home. Things such as shoes, slippers, couch and wires are common targets. Imagine having to replace all of these at once. Yes, folks, the costs could hurt your pocket. In this case, you’ll probably thank yourself later for kennel training your pooch.

Some dogs are very energetic. Well, dogs have indeed too much energy to burn that even when they’re sick or injured, they couldn’t help but expend their excess energy. One of the purposes of having a comfortable cage is to provide them a safe and cozy environment which limits their movement when they’re sick or injured. This serves as a protection that helps avoid aggravating their current health condition.

Perhaps, you’re now convinced that this item is one of the good-to-have pet essentials. In many cases, it’s even non-negotiable since it truly caters several needs and purposes. That said, you might want to start thinking about how you can choose the best one for your dog and its needs. And for sure, to get some useful insights on this topic, you’ll be interested to read this review:

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Crate

Feel free to sit back for a while and do some research so that you can be confident that the item you’ve chosen is worth the investment, not just for a short span of time but for the long-term. There are some things you need to consider when choosing one.


  1. What’s the size of your dog?

Buy something that’s just spacious enough for the size of your dog. Get something that’s too big for him and he might feel like it’s his permanent home already—he might start pooping and peeing around, you’ll get stuck at cleaning up the mess all the time.

And if it’s the other way around, a cage that’s too small for his size might be too restrictive for him that he can’t stand, sit, lie, turn around or move properly. Try locking up yourself in a cage like that and you’ll never be happy either.

The question also isn’t just about what your puppy’s current size is. You should ask how big your dog can get when it’s fully grown, especially, if you plan on using the crate for a long time. Just look up some information about its breed to see the typical size and height of a fully grown one. And oh, check out this useful guide, too:



  1. What purposes are you going to use it for?

Are you going to use it for ease of transportation when taking your dog for regular vet check-ups and travels? You wouldn’t wish for something that’s too bulky, rather, you’d opt for something that’s lightweight and convenient to carry around wherever you go. Take note that this isn’t your pet’s permanent home, so it doesn’t have to be too big and bulky like a “fully-furnished” doghouse, if that’s what you can call it.

The point is, you need to define your purpose for buying one. What are your needs? What are your pet’s needs? Also, if you plan on taking it in your air travel, the size, type and material of the crate should be airline approved.


  1. Which material would be ideal for your dog?

A soft-sided crate isn’t ideal for puppies that chew a lot. Better materials could either be plastic or secure wire. And so, it is important to get to know your dog’s behavior very well before making the purchase to determine whether the material of the crate would be durable and secure enough for long-term use.


What would be the typical temperature in that particular kind of cage?

Even if you’re only keeping your pooch inside that crate for a short period of time, comfort and coziness shouldn’t ever be compromised. The temperature inside the cage should be conducive either for sleeping or playing. If you’re taking your dog on your frequent travels, the trip itself could be tiresome already for them. Don’t add further discomfort by choosing a crate that could either be too warm or too cold for your dog.


A secure, durable, cozy and comfortable dog crate is surely one of the must-have pet essentials for it caters several needs and purposes including training, protection, health recovery and ease of transportation. Get the best one for your fur baby now.

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