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What to expect from pet euthanasia?

Having animals as pets and taking care of them as babies are something that most of you love and have a big craze of it. This would not be considered as something stupid because the innocence of these pets can easily melt the heart of any human then whether that person is an animal lover or not.

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What is pet euthanasia?

It is very hard for the owner to accept the reality of leaving his pet but sometimes the situation demands for this heart breaking decision.

When your pet is going from severe illness or has been injured so badly that there is no possibility of recovery, in that worse condition you for your pet’s euthanasia. It is where the animal is put into death by giving humane to it.

What to expect from pet euthanasia?

You are aware before going for your pet’s euthanasia that how difficult the phase could be for you and the pet as well. However, the pet senses stop working during this period so it would not feel it but, especially you, the owner who is present at the situation has to deal with it.

There comes a lot of things when you have just set your mind to go for euthanasia. Starting from:

  • Dealing with your emotions before going for the procedure:

As said earlier, human beings are those who have loaded their lives and feelings with emotions. You need to cope up with your emotions before taking your pet for this procedure because it is observed that owners of pets during this process lose their senses and goes out of control. But, realize the fact that if your pet stays alive, it is for no use because the illness or injury would not let it live longer.

  • Meet the doctor and discuss the situation:

The matter itself is a tough one because the doctor realizes the fact that from the trauma you are going and how difficult it could be. Therefore, after discussing and taking advice, book an appointment according to your time when you are stable and your emotions are well controlled.

  • Take prior note of burial arrangements:

After making your mind and before taking your pet for euthanasia, decide for the burial of it after the process is done. The decision involves that if you want to bury your pet from your side by taking it back home or you want the clinic to bury the pet. Remember! The decision is all yours as you are the owner so, without asking you they would not take any step.

  • Make your mind if you want to be in the last stage with your pet:

No matter how strong you make yourself for making mind in taking your pet for the surgery but anyhow it would be difficult in witnessing the process because the one that was in your laps for so many years is now leaving you. It can be a very heart-touching moment for you.

As an owner, you decide whether to stay during the surgery or to leave. But in this matter, think wisely. Because once you have lost your pet you cannot get the same one but, of course, a new one instead. So, to regret it later, it is good to remain and watch the surgery by your eyes.

  • A need for sedate for your pet:

Being an owner of your pet, the doctor is in the account of taking your permission in every matter and in the same way you are expected to show your cooperation in this matter.

If the doctor asks you for your pet’s sedate, then try to understand the situation because he knows better and would be easy for your pet as well. The doctors may plan to go for a sedate to make the process easy and bearable for your pet.

  • Examine the solution of euthanasia:

The solution prepared for euthanasia combines some kinds of chemicals that will result in giving your pet easy and pain-free surgery.  You have the right to check that the doctor who is responsible for the surgery holds a valid license and that there is no issue found in the solution.

If possible, then try to be present at every process done before the surgery and especially during the surgery so you are aware that everything goes perfect and your pet does not face any kind of pain or hardship during euthanasia.

  • The final stage:

As soon as the euthanasia is done, the pet within 6 to 12 seconds of the process will show the result by losing breaking and would look as if it is asleep. The pet at that this time is completely not responding as being unconscious and here is the time when you saying a final goodbye to your dear pet.

  • Taking some memories before burying:

Now when you have completely lost your pet, there is no way of getting the same pet back. But what most of the people do and you can adopt is to take the last moment pictures by carrying it in your hand and giving a sweet farewell. Many take their hairs with them as a beautiful memory.

  • Mourning at the loss of your pet:

There is an observed that a lot of owners who lost their pets are in a grieve for years. And it’s a fact. Forgetting someone also requires to remember them. Therefore, it is simply not possible to vanish all the memories that you had with your pet and especially when it comes to someone very near and dear to you then it completely seems impossible.

  • Many need you, try to adopt some:

As written in fate and now when you have lost your pet, go in search of those who need you. For this, contact such groups or an institute that provides people with little innocent animals who can accompany you and can be your new best friend.


Euthanasia can prove out to be a sensitive matter for most of the owner because this procedure definitely requires a lot of patience and a strong heart.

The cost involved in this is highly expensive. It is suggested, if you have a better solution other than going for euthanasia, then do not go for it. This will not only save your money but, it will also protect your tiny heart from getting into a big trauma. But yes! If it is a serious matter, then bless your pet’s life by taking away thorough a procedure that does not cause any pain.


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