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Want to keep your furry, four-legged friend happy by giving them something fresh and healthy to eat? Then it’s crucial that you know what dog food is best.  We all love giving our dogs a treat (or two) when they’re being good, but you need to ensure that what you’re giving them is healthy. If not, it could have damaging effects.

Keep reading to learn the best human food for dogs and how it benefits your four-legged friend.

Top Human Food for Dogs That They’ll Enjoy

Learn about healthy food options for your spoiled pet by reading this advice.


If your dog isn’t sensitive to wheat, give him plain oatmeal. Oatmeal is easily absorbed by dogs with digestive issues. When making oatmeal for your dog, don’t add salt, sugar, or other seasonings.


Carrots are also packed with fiber, vitamin K, vitamin A, potassium, vitamin B6, biotin, and antioxidants. The majority of nutrients are present in raw or dried carrots, although cooked carrots may be a better option for people who have sensitive teeth.


Although your dog may enjoy most types of meat, make absolutely sure that any meat you feed him is lean. High-fat foods can easily cause your dog to gain weight. When it comes to land animals, chicken is always a safe pick, especially if your dog has a tummy ache.

Lean Meat

Lean meat is defined as any animal food that doesn’t contain bones or excessive fat. You should remove the fatty skin from turkey and chicken before giving it to your dog. It is the best human food for dogs.


Watermelons without seeds are healthier human foods for dogs since fruit seeds contain trace quantities of arsenic. While our body can usually handle this without trouble, your dog’s cannot.

Sweet Potatoes

This good human food for dogs has great low-calorie treats that will satisfy your dog’s sweet taste without adding sugar.


It is high in fiber, which is known to help relieve stomach pain and calm the digestive tract. Carrots and pumpkins are also high in protein and vitamin K, and most dogs can eat them uncooked, cooked, or dehydrated.


While raw eggs should be avoided due to the danger of salmonella and micronutrient deficiencies, omelets can be a tasty, high-protein treat it is a very safe human food for dogs.


Avocado oil and avocado meal are being marketed as nutritious pet food ingredients. Avocado oil and avocado meal have no persin and are a safe human food for dogs.

Check this blog on avocado for dogs to learn more.


Salmon’s protein and omega-3 fatty acids benefit your dog’s coat, skin, and immune system. Dogs shouldn’t eat raw salmon. It may carry a parasite that causes deadly salmon poisoning.

Plain Yogurt

Yogurt’s protein, calcium, and digestive bacteria aid your dog’s digestive health. Serve your dog plain, artificially sweetened yogurt. Lactose-intolerant dogs should avoid this dairy treat.

Green Beans

Canned green beans may include preservatives and additives that are harmful to your dog, so always give your dog the fresh variety.

Ensure Your Dog’s Diet Is Safe and Healthy

Age, size, and activity level should be considered for a well-balanced diet. Dogs need protein, healthy fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. Store-bought foods are nutritionally balanced. If you are just starting to use human food for dogs, you may visit your vet to ensure they get the right nutrition.

Are you looking for more information on food and nutrition? Check out our blog now for more details!

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