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Are you planning to welcome a Boerboel pup into your home? Irrespective of whether you are a first-time canine owner or you have owned dogs before; there are a few decisions to be made. 

If shopping for a purebred Boerboel, you need to factor in the paperwork and pedigree that come with it. Making an informed decision is essential for both you and the puppy to enjoy a happy, stress-free life. 

Follow these helpful tips in the buying process.

Consider pedigrees and paperwork

The initial considerations when buying a Boerboel pup are pedigrees and paperwork. Would-be pet owners need to decide whether they want a puppy with or without paperwork and pedigree. This decision has a significant impact on the pup’s cost and the ability to register a litter in case you decide to breed your canine at a later date. Find out how to adopt a purebred canine.

Pedigree refers to the parentage or lineage of the puppy, provided as a family tree that shows its ancestors. The ancestors must have all been pedigree canines and 100% Boerboels. The family tree is expected to extend at least three generations. Upon purchasing a pedigree Boerboel, you need to be provided with the necessary paperwork. 

Furthermore, the paperwork is offered by the breeder when you collect the pup or shortly afterward. It’s important to check the entire registration paperwork for the dam and sire, referring to the mother and father of the pup. In the event of having second thoughts about the reputation of the breeder, you could contact the registry to confirm the credibility of the paperwork. 

Pet parents must learn that Boerboel puppies can solely be birth registered, which doesn’t necessarily indicate a dog’s breeding quality. A Boerboel can qualify for a birth certificate issued by the registering authority if born to registered parents. Being birth-registered means that the pup’s parentage meets the standards. 

The path to full registration commences with the appraisal of a canine no younger than twelve months by a qualified appraiser. When shopping for a South African mastiff, buyers should only consider making a purchase from a registered breeder. The dog has to score over 75% to become registered as a Boerboel. Nevertheless, a canine can be fully registered only if it has been birth-registered. 

Consider the Boerboel breed societies

There are many such societies on a worldwide level, all of which have their own rules and regulations to protect the breed. For instance, SA Studbook is a South African registry that maintains a huge database of animal pedigrees. It’s the only legal database in this country. SA Studbook is known for providing pedigree paperwork for trustworthy Boerboel societies that comply with and meet their requirements. 

Furthermore, in South Africa, only a canine with paperwork from SA Studbook can be classified as a Boerboel. According to South African law, every breed can be managed by one society only. 

In contrast, unregistered breeders aren’t subjected to any rules and fail to conduct health testing. Any pup purchased from an unregistered breeder isn’t eligible for registration. Purchases from unregistered breeders are strongly discouraged, as you might end up supporting unethical breeding. 

Select the most suitable puppy

The pup you will eventually adopt should fit your lifestyle, given it’s the only way to cohabitate without experiencing too much stress. There is absolutely no point in adopting a high-energy dog if your family is of low energy. Additionally, getting a dominant dog isn’t the right decision for a person with low confidence levels. 

Moreover, the job of the breeder is to help you select a pup that matches your needs. There are multiple factors to take into consideration when making a choice, such as a pup’s energy levels, protectiveness, playfulness, confidence, acceptance of visitors, prey drive, and type. 

Neither you nor the pup stands to gain from a poor match. Regarding aftercare, you should be given a pack that contains all the necessary information to start raising your puppy. This article,, provides useful information about the characteristics and care for this fearless breed.

Wrap up

Opt for registered breeders only to ensure the pup you purchase is purebred!

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