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They say a dog is mans best friend, and those who have a dog as a pet will certainly agree. Dogs are loyal animals, intelligent too, and when trained well make a perfect companion. Yet with so many different breeds its natural to expect different dogs will have different temperaments. 

Take the cockapoo which is an increasingly popular dog with families. Browse the Internet and youll soon find someone who claims their cockapoo is annoying. Thats generally because they havent researched the type of dog best for them. The cockapoo, an endearing cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, is a loving, friendly, and ideal pet – yet it does need plenty of attention.

Cockapoos Love Attention

Make no mistake, a cockapoo is a dog that demands attention. They love to play, have plenty of energy, and are among the more intelligent of breeds. This is a plus, but for some, it can also be a minus.

Because the cockapoo is both intelligent and full of energy, it can become easily bored. The person who finds the dog annoying because it demands attention is not the right owner for a cockapoo. This breed will settle well with a family where it has many people to play with. But there is another potential problem.

The cockapoo is known for being a vocal dog. It has a surprisingly loud bark for its size and is also protective of its territory. This is good if you want your dog to warn you of uninvited guests on your property – and it certainly will – but not so good if your neighbours are very close, as in living in an apartment, for example. 

Also, be aware that a cockapoo is highly susceptible to separation anxiety. It is not a dog that will be suitable for owners who are out at work all day. Leaving a cockapoo alone for too long will exaggerate its boredom, and this can in destructive tendencies. 

If the above few paragraphs have painted a picture of a dog to avoid, thats not what we want to portray! The cockapoo is among the most suitable family pets, one that will provide years of endless love and amusement, it is simply that we want you to make sure you are the right type of person – and household – for the breed. 

Training Your Cockapoo

Being an intelligent dog the cockapoo will react well to a structured training routine that involves bonding between the owner and the dog. Be aware that this is a sensitive breed, and this must be borne in mind when entering into a training routine. Be strict but not over the top and provide rewards for instructions that are obeyed. This is a breed that will respond to training, and it is recommended you begin at a young age. There are plenty of training tips and videos you can access for information and advice.

Cockapoos are often used as therapy dogs because they have a strong empathy with humans. Should you fall ill, you can be certain you will get more attention from your pet as it will indeed worry about you! 

Enjoying Your Cockapoo

Whether you are buying or have bought your cockapoo from a litter of puppies or are looking for a rescue dog we want to finish by going back to the question in the title. A cockapoo is only annoying if the owner has chosen the wrong breed. If you are looking for a quiet, relaxed breed that is not as demanding as the one we have described, the cockapoo is not for you. If you want a dog that is a lot of fun, can be hard work, and yet will reward you with loyalty and love, check out the cockapoo!

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