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The summertime is a great time for everyone: students and children are out of school, the weather is bright and warm, and it’s the perfect time of year to take vacations. Although dogs typically get left behind in the festivities with a pet sitter or kennel while the whole family is out, there are plenty of different ways that your dog can be included in all of the fun, too. Fido can’t go everywhere with you, but here are three different ideas for some summer activities that you can enjoy with your pets. 

Go Swimming

Although bath time can be arduous and unpleasant with some dogs, you can make water a more positive experience by bringing your dog with you when you go swimming. If you live by the coast, there are plenty of dog-friendly beaches where you can bring your dog to swim and run along the sandy shoreline. However, for those dog owners that aren’t near a dog-friendly beach, you can also take the time to find the best pool builders in Las Vegas and get your very own pool installed. That way, if you decide to throw a pool party with your friends and neighbors, Sparky doesn’t have to stay stuck inside or sit in the crate. 

Find Hiking Trails

Taking an ordinary walk around the neighborhood can become too routine and maybe even a little boring for you and your dog. If you’re looking for some new sights to see to give you and your pup some more variety, why not try finding a local hiking trail or nature park? Most nature parks are dog friendly and even have stations set up throughout with doggie bags, making it accessible for pet owners to bring their dogs along with them. As an added bonus, you’re able to get some fresh air and even a little bit of a workout depending on the elevation or terrain, and there are plenty of new scents for your dog to sniff out, giving them some extra mental stimulation. 

Go to a Dog Park

There are hundreds of dog parks across the major cities of the US, and even more in local suburban communities. These dog parks are filled with different toys and even agility equipment for those breeds that spend their time speeding around. By taking your dog out to the local dog park, you can give them a few more options to play out in the summer sun and can also let them socialize with other dogs. This can be especially important for those dog owners who only own one dog since it’s a great opportunity to train them on proper behaviors when interacting with other animals. You and your dog can also meet some new people, letting you get a few social points, too. 

Find Dog-Friendly Cafes and Bars

Recently, there have been a number of different cafes and bars opening up where you’re allowed to bring your dog with you. Like going to a dog park, a dog bar or a dog cafe gives you the opportunity to let your dog play and socialize with others alike. Of course, like any other cafe or bar, you can also buy food or drinks. Most of these locations even have a pet-friendly menu so that your pup can try something new besides the kibble at home. This is a great way to have an afternoon drink while also letting your dog get out of the house every once in a while. 

Being a pet owner is often compared to a parent, but it’s harder to go out and do things sometimes simply because there aren’t the same number of dog-friendly spaces as there are kid-friendly ones, so oftentimes, your pup ends up being left at home when you want to go out. You may not be able to take your dog with you everywhere you go, but there are plenty of dog-friendly spots and activities for you to enjoy with them and get their tail wagging all summer long, so long as you look in the right places. 

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