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Rather than leaving your dog with a sitter or a boarding service, consider taking your pup with you the next time you go on a trip. Regardless of whether the vacation is for business or pleasure, there are some things you can do to make your pup comfortable and happy along the way. The following tips will help ensure the trip goes smoothly for you and your dog.

1. Find Lodging That Allows Dogs

Look up lodging information before leaving rather than waiting until you’re on the road to find a dog-friendly hotel. Hotel policies differ depending on location, so it’s best to research options and call to verify pet guidelines. For example, some Embassy Suites Charleston SC properties allow pets, but others don’t.

Like you, your dog will need a break from traveling in the car. Having a lodging plan will allow you to get that much-needed breather.

2. Keep Your Dog Safe

The more you travel, the more likely your chances of getting in a car accident, which is why you should consider investing in insurance that offers accident forgiveness. With good insurance, you can focus on personal safety rather than fretting over your vehicle or increasing rates.

If you end up in a car crash, you’re protecting yourself from injury as long as you wear your seatbelt. But what about your dog’s safety? Luckily, you can take steps to keep your pup safe as well. Dog owners primarily use seatbelt harnesses and crates. However, you can also use a dog guard, which stops your pup from being thrown toward the vehicle’s windshield during impact.

Also, you shouldn’t let your dog hang its head out of the window, even though it probably wants to. Debris can hit your pup in the face, causing an injury.

3. Play With Your Pup Before Leaving

Driving in traffic with a hyper dog is a difficult task. However, if you wear your pooch out before you hit the road, your dog is much more likely to nap or lay down during the travel. Exercise will also help ease your dog’s anxiety and allow it to get some bonding time in with you.

4. Schedule a Vet Check

You should make sure your dog is healthy enough to travel. Even if you think your pooch is fine, it may have an underlying issue that can’t be detected without a blood panel.

If you take your dog on a trip without first meeting with your vet, you may discover a problem while on the road and end up at an emergency pet hospital. Of course, you’ll do what you need to for your dog’s health, but emergency care can be expensive.

Further, if you’re planning to travel internationally, you probably need a health certificate from your vet. This document states that your pet is up to date on vaccines and disease-free. Some states may also require this paperwork, so do some research before making a road trip to learn whether your dog needs to acquire this certificate.

5. Maintain a Comfortable Vehicle Temperature

You know how uncomfortable driving is when you’re hot. Think about how your dog feels, especially if it has thick fur. It’s essential to keep the vehicle’s temperature regulated so your dog doesn’t get overheated.

If the air conditioning stops working while on the road, you need to fix this issue to ensure your dog stays healthy. Plus, you’ll be miserable driving without it on a hot day!

Taking your dog on trips with you is a great experience. However, you have to be willing to take extra steps to keep your pup safe and content along the way. As long as you put your pooch’s health first, you’ll have a successful and meaningful experience with your pup.

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