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 In recent years, most schools have been considering accepting learners to go to school with pets; this can either be on specific days or when recommended by a psychologist. Research has shown a direct correlation between pets and exemplary performance in class. 

In addition, the school curriculum might be having dogs in school that attend class to give the learners company. Teachers use this as one of the ways to effective classroom engagement. Apart from mathematics and sciences, students need to develop good social skills. Having a classroom pet will come in handy in social skills development. 

Here are some excellent points about why pets should be allowed in school. 

Improves self-confidence

Researches have shown that people who have pets know what they do matters a lot, and they do it more. The more you take care of a pet by either feeding it, washing it, or taking it to the doctor for regular checkups or evening walks, you build high self-esteem in everything you do. There is a direct relationship between owning a pet and having high self-esteem. 

Knowing that you are responsible for your dog and no one else gives you the morale to show up even in class when given school homework. Because you have high self-esteem, you will be motivated to try to solve the assignment on your own. 

Improves social skills

Studies have shown that students with pets have better social skills than those without. By continuously interacting with a pet such as a dog, one can be more open with others, initiate conversation when in the presence of people, have empathy and put others first, and many more social skills. 

In addition, when taking out your pet for a walk, you will meet other people who are taking their pets for a walk. You will talk to two or three people, a meaningful social life. 

Stimulates learning 

Having a class pet improves earning experiences. For instance, in mathematics, the teacher might develop questions that revolve around the pet’s weight or the speed at which that pet runs, which stimulates running. 

In high school, students are usually asked to do creative writing; this aims to assess how a student can express their thoughts clearly. Therefore, when they are asked to write about the pet they like, it will be easier. 

In addition, most learners in 7th grade usually learn about introduction to biology, animal kingdom, life cycle, etc. This is a perfect opportunity to bring pets into the classroom for a live demonstration. Students learn best when presented with a practical scenario rather than theories. 

Teaches responsibilities

Teaching learners to solve complex formulas in math homework is essential. However, there are also crucial skills such as responsibility that play a significant role in the growth of students. A class pet might also come in handy when teaching learners to be responsible.  

Class pets need to be taken care of; one must feed them, provide clean water, and clean up its cage. The teacher might use it to show them how to take of others. Having duty rosters where each student is assigned a day to take care of the pet will force them to be responsible.  

Pets reduce anxiety, stress, and depression

Psychologists have found that pets such as cats and dogs can reduce depression, stress, and anxiety. Many students usually have exam anxiety, especially when exams are approaching. Playing with a dog minutes before an exam or quiz will help students to calm down.

In addition, an aquarium can also serve as a stress reliever for students in class. Feeding it and observing how they move in water is enjoyable and relaxing.

Promotes a good relationship between the teacher and students

Class pets can promote a good relationship between teachers and students; this is because, apart from classwork, learners interact with teachers when taking care of the pet. By delegating some responsibilities to students, the teacher will know which students have good social skills and who are antisocial. By understanding the antisocial students, the teacher can work and involve them with other activities that interest them, and in the process, they become social. Also, the students will be comfortable when they are around the teachers.

It brings satisfaction to the teacher

Every teacher wants to have a classroom with engaging and lively students. Having pets brings out the best in learners. They will always want to come early in the morning and check on them. As a teacher, seeing students that are committed to ensuring everything is in control is something that makes you happy. It gives you confidence and motivation to research more on how to improve their social interactions. Their concentration ability will also improve in class, resulting in improved class performance.

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