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Although New York looks magical in the winter season, many dog owners worry about entertaining their furry friends on cold days. However, there’s no need to worry in the least; NYC is one of the most dog-friendly cities out there! There are plenty of activities you and your pup can enjoy together in wintertime. As you well know, your beloved pet needs physical activity as well as care and attention. Don’t let the cold and snow dampen your spirit and enthusiasm. After all, NYC is the city that never sleeps, so there’s an abundance of indoor and outdoor activities for both of you. Here are some ideas for fun activities in NYC for dogs when it’s cold outside.

How Well Do Dogs Tolerate the Cold?

However, when thinking about winter activities in NYC for dogs, you need to consider several factors. While larger, snow-loving breeds such as husky, Akita, or Newfoundland will love to be outside, it’s not a suitable option for all breeds.

For example, smaller breeds or short-haired dogs feel cold more easily. Their bodies, especially paws, are more sensitive – they can experience frostbite or hypothermia.

For that reason, you need to dress up your buddy and consider only short walks outside. If your pup is not fond of winter, add a cute but warm coat or jacket to the list of quality pet supplies you need.

Additionally, if you have a senior pup or your furry best friend has health issues, long chilly walks might not be a great idea.

Some dogs adore wintertime – however, consider your dog’s needs when choosing the best activities for your pooch!

Choose the Right Area

Depending on how cold it is outside, you should opt for activities that you can do close to your home. NYC is huge and offers plenty of options, so choosing a park or facility closer to home shouldn’t be too difficult. 

On the other hand, if you realize that your neighborhood isn’t really suitable for your dog, you could always consider moving to a more pet-friendly area. You just have to do some research to find the right part of the city – for example, the Upper East Side or Downtown Brooklyn are ideal for dog owners!

Nothing Beats a Walk in the Park

You know how your dog gets excited when you suggest a walk? Well, for most dogs, that doesn’t change in the winter. While some dogs will welcome an opportunity to snuggle up in the warmth of your apartment, the majority will be excited to be outdoors. Not only will your pup enjoy spending time with you, but they’ll also exercise and stay healthy and fit. So, brace yourself for the weather, ensure your dog is properly prepared for the cold, and have a fun time in one of the beautiful NYC parks!

A brisk walk in the park may be one of the enjoyable activities in NYC for you and your pet.

Indoor Dog Parks Are An Attractive Option When It’s Chilly Outside

Luckily, if a long walk in the park doesn’t appeal to your pup, there’s a perfect alternative. Indoor dog parks are an excellent winter idea for your dog! An abundance of indoor parks makes NYC a true dog haven. What’s best, these facilities offer all the same options as outdoor parks and more. Not only can your dog run, but you can also enjoy active playtime with your dog. Plus, if your pet enjoys company, there will be a lot of other dogs they can play with.

However, to ensure the best experience for your beloved pet, it’s best to do the following:

  • Check online reviews – pay special attention to photos and videos if there are any; that way, you’ll be sure the place is clean and well-kept.
  • Vaccinate your pet – most indoor parks will ask you for your dog’s documents.
  • Train your pet – if your dog is not social and friendly, take a few simple steps to train your dog.

NYC Dog Restaurants Are Simply Delicious!

No, we’re not talking about restaurants that allow dogs (although there are plenty of those, too). We’re talking about dog bakeries and coffee shops. Yes, that’s right – there are facilities that not only admit dogs but also offer treats and meals for dogs. This enables you to take your pup out and go together for a meal.

You can order something for yourself (they have human food, too) and then a cookie and mocha for your pup. What’s best, you can relax and read a book while feeling warm and cozy on a cold winter day. Not to mention that you’re likely to meet other pet owners – you can chat while your pup makes friends.

Two pups enjoying an indoor swimming pool.

If your pup loves water, treat them to a fun day at the swimming pool!

Indoor Pools Are One of the Excellent Activities in NYC For Dogs

If your dog loves water, winter is probably not its favorite season of the year. Exploring and running at the beach are simply less appealing in the cold weather. Your dog is more likely to get dirty and cold than enjoy its time outdoors.

Instead, you can opt for indoor swimming pools! Yes, many pools allow both owners and dogs to swim and enjoy the water together. On the other hand, there are dog-exclusive swimming pools, too! Choose the option that suits you best, and you and your pup can swim and dog paddle to your hearts’ content.

However, some dogs are not accustomed to water (other than bath time). If that’s the case with your pet, ensure you stay close by and provide necessary support until it gets the hang of it. Also, dry your dog well with a towel before you leave.

Schedule a Massage For Your Dog

When it’s a cold day outside, there’s no better treat for your dog than a holistic reiki massage! You can schedule a session for your pup for fun – it will be a relaxing and enjoyable experience! However, if your best friend suffers from health issues, it will be additionally beneficial to them.

This Japanese technique focuses on achieving peace and tranquility and increasing your pet’s wellbeing. An experienced Reiki master will balance your pup’s energy centers, help them relax, and enhance their immune system. It can help your pet with a variety of issues – from cancer to anxiety and mobility issues.

Visit An Art Gallery with Your Pup

If you love museum and gallery hopping, this is one of the perfect activities in NYC for dogs when it’s cold outside. William Secord Gallery is located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, between Madison and Park Avenues. What’s best, you and your beloved pet can enjoy the art together! This gallery specializes in dog paintings, both 19th century and contemporary ones, as well as works on paper, bronzes, and sculptures.

In addition to that, you can learn about different dog breeds and even commission a work of art for yourself! Your dog will not only be welcome to join but there will also be cookies and water waiting for them.

Go shopping and make sure your furry friends are ready for the winter season!

Go Shopping Together!

If you want your pup to be stylish, New York is the right place to be! You’ll find an abundance of specialized dog boutiques in NYC. Whether you want to prepare your dog for the winter season or shop around for one-of-a-kind pup products, there are plenty of shops you can visit.

For example, in Dog & Co., you can find everything you might wish for, including some unique and stylish mod dog products. Love Thy Beast offers plenty of dog accessories – from fancy carriers to dog toys. Additionally, don’t miss out on other shops such as Zoomies, Wagwear, or Canine Styles.

They all offer a wide range of lovely and practical dog products. Chic sweaters and jackets, delicious dog treats, gorgeous collars, and leashes – there’s an excellent choice of everything your pup may need!

Have a Fun Day at Home!

Last but not least, you can always enjoy a fun day at home. There are plenty of activities you can do; play with your pup – hide and seek, tug-of-war, options are endless. Also, you can invest in some interesting interactive toys and puzzles – your pup will love them! You can use a cold day to make some delicious dog treats for your best friend. Playdates are another great option – arrange it with your friends or neighbors who also have dogs. Or, you can always use this time to train your dog or teach them some new tricks.

Sure, you don’t have to be in New York to do this. However, your dog needs your love and attention. These activities will not only entertain them but also improve their physical health as well as mental wellbeing. Therefore, spending some quality time at home, playing and cuddling, can be exactly what they need.

We hope you love these fun activities in NYC for dogs on cold days and that you and your pet will have a lovely winter season!

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