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“Not a single creature on earth has more or less right to be here.”
― Anthony Douglas Williams
Our group, Healing for Our Furkids is a global community of dedicated healers. Our mission and aim is to send healing to all types of animals in need. The animals may be companion animals, pets, animals in shelters, stray and street animals, rescues and mistreated animals.
There are many rescuers who are able to rescue the homeless and injured and give them the veterinary care they need. Some are helped, but there are many who miss out on regular medical treatment due to lack of funds or lack of space.
We send distance healing to all who receive medical treatment and also to those who are not lucky enough to receive treatment. Healing has been known to benefit animals in multiple ways and since it is not bound by space and time, we can send healing to animals located anywhere.
There are so many animals all over the world who need help. If you care for animals and would like to help by sending healing or praying, please consider joining us.
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