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Pet urine smells are obnoxious and you do not want them in your backyard. There’s not much worse than having guests around and knowing that there is a nasty smell that you simply can’t cover up. We’ve provided you with some great advice to get pet urine smells out of the yard below.

Why Does My Backyard Smell Like Dog Pee?

Of course, it is your dog leaving his or her scent there, but it should naturally drain away and get washed by the rain. So, why does the yard still smell?

Medical Issues of Your Dog

Your dog’s pee isn’t meant to smell nice, of course, but if it is particularly strong or your dog is having problems controlling their pee then it could be a sign that they have some sort of medical issue.  If this is the case, take them to the vet, and it could be that the issues get solved by some medication. Of course, don’t rule out the positive effect of a healthy diet and giving your dog filtered water as ways to boost their overall health. Don’t take any chances if you think they might be ill, it is a good idea to get them checked over.

Porous Surfaces

If your dog is peeing on porous surfaces rather than onto the earth then there is every chance that these are soaking up the pee rather than letting it wash away. This can cause a much stronger smell than if it were in the grass or dirt, where it would usually be washed away.

Getting rid of Pet Urine Smell in the Backyard

Now you know why the yard probably smells. So, what are the top tips for getting rid of the pet urine smell in your yard?

Install Fake Grass

Fake grass is a great way to get rid of the urine smell. It allows the urine causing the odor to quickly drain away and get washed out by the rain, or when you hose it down. It actually has better drainage than natural grass which means you can wash the smell away.

Use a citrus solution

Citrus solutions help to neutralize the ammonia in the pee which is what leaves such a nasty smell. Unlike some of the other cleaners that neutralize, such as vinegar, citrus can actually add a pleasant smell in your yard rather than the smell of vinegar which you do not want lingering either. 

Sprinkle Baking Soda 

Baking soda can absorb the pee and neutralize the smell. It can be applied directly to some areas, and is good for use on carpets too if your pet should have an accident. Baking soda is known by many people as one of the most useful cleaning products out there, and it wasn’t even made to be a cleaning product.

Build an Easy Dog Run

Having a dog run can keep your pets in one specific area, so at least you know where the pee in your yard is going to be. If you have a big enough space you can also keep this away from things like seating areas and where you might choose to entertain your guests.

Turn the soil over

It is possible that dog pee can build up in certain areas and make a part of your soil smell worse. These areas may even start to turn a funny color and lose their greenness. One of the best tools in your arsenal is to turn the soil over, which can also be a good thing to do to help you to keep your grass in the best condition anyway. It brings the nutrients to the surface and helps to improve the moisture and quality of the soil. Of course, it can also ruin grass if you do it aggressively so only do this in the areas where it makes sense.

Use Enzymatic Cleaning Products

Normal cleaning products may not do much at all, plus they may not be great for your grass. Some enzymatic cleaning products can be used on the grass which will help to neutralize the smell rather than just masking it. These products can be purchased online easily and you can use them for a variety of cleaning purposes, but they are designed with animal’s urine in mind.

photo cred: michael-g-9qAwcH2LK-8-unsplash

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