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If your dogs are your furry children and you love taking pictures of them, then you probably want to share those photos with everyone. You might think that this is as simple as slapping a few up on social media, but actually, there’s more to it than that. Read on to learn some methods for sharing photos of your pups.

Get the Right Shots

Your first step is to get the right shots of your dogs. Strive toward a blend of action pictures and cute views of snuggly pups curled up sound asleep. Try to capture your dogs’ funny antics, strange habits and goofy poses. Include yourself and your family members in some photos as you interact with your dogs. Favorite toys and activities can add variety. Indeed, variety is the key to taking quality pictures you’ll enjoy sharing.

Edit Carefully

Before you post your pictures, take some time to edit them. If you have some off-center shots, for instance, crop them. You might sharpen up photos that are a bit blurry, add a few fun captions or even get creative with colors and embellishments. Don’t go overboard, but do have some fun.

Think Storage

You probably have a lot of pictures of your dogs by this point, but are they securely stored? You certainly don’t want to lose them if your phone, computer or other devices crash. Backup your photos on an external hard drive or USB drives. You might also use cloud storage, but be sure to practice cloud monitoring to check up on security and available space. Also, periodically go through your saved pictures, and delete ones that are poor quality. You probably have so many that you don’t need to keep those that are blurry or just plain weird.

Choose What To Share

As you prepare to post your shots, you’re going to have to make some tough decisions about what to share. Don’t overwhelm your viewers! You may not want to post more than four or five pictures at a time, and try not to post every day unless you limit yourself to one or two favorites. Choose a variety of pictures, some with your dogs in action, others that play up the cute factor and still others that are a little goofy or unique.

Decide Where To Share

You must also decide where to share your pictures. Social media might be your platform of choice, and your Facebook and Instagram sites can be filled with photos of your furry friends. Alternatively, though, you could build a website or start a blog to provide a bit more flexibility. This would allow you to sort pictures into groups and add longer captions and stories.

Find the Right Audience

Although it may seem almost impossible to you, not everyone will enjoy or appreciate pictures of your dogs. You’ll need to find the right audience. Most likely, you’ll develop a following as you go, so pay attention to the people who view and comment on your photos. Then gear at least some of your posting toward their preferences. If you get enough of a following, you might even set up special social media pages just for your dogs and their antics.

Respond to Comments

Don’t neglect to interact with your viewers. This can be part of the fun of posting pictures of your pups. Read comments, and respond to them appropriately. You might have to delete a few now and then, but this will probably be rare. Most of the time, you’ll likely enjoy the interactions and perhaps make a few new friends.

Your pups are some of the cutest, funniest creatures you know, so share their antics with the world by posting plenty of pictures. Just be sure to get good shots, edit and store them well, choose appropriate pictures and venues and interact with your viewers. You and your dogs might just become the next social media sensation.

Photo credit: pooya-ramezani-oOE0VVLwWYo-unsplash

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