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Cats is a delightful addition to any family. They can be cuddly and playful and provide much-needed companionship. They are also known for their scrape abilities. Scratching is normal for cats, but it can cause thoughtful damage to your furniture. We understand the frustration of watching your pet cause damage to your sofa. Swift has made our loungers as pet-friendly as possible. 

This guide will help you prevent scratches from cats and to protect your sofa. My Cat Scratches Furniture Cats can scratch to strengthen their spines and legs. The claw’s outer layer is also removed to expose the sharper surface beneath. 

Cats can frantically scratch their proprietors’ eyes when they are in a lively mood. It could indicate stress or anxiety if your cat scratches furniture or carpets excessively. While you might think that cats scratch because they are bored or feel like it, many valid reasons exist. 

How can you fix cat scratches on a sofa? 

First, assess the damage. It would be best if you noted the scrape’s extent and where it occurred. Sometimes scratches appear worse than they are, so don’t panic. The cat will scratch more at fabric if they scratch it more. This can lead to snags, which can cause rips or holes. It is important to address the problem as soon as possible to prevent this. Reupholstering a fabric sofa is an option. However, it can be expensive and time-consuming. If the scratches aren’t too severe and aren’t on the sofa cushions, you can ccoover the area with a throw, slipcover, or even a slipcover. 

Also, scatter cushions can be used to cover the affected area. The extra fabrics can be used to cover the damaged area. Dressing your sofa in the fabric is a great way of adding personality to the piece and enhancing its comfort. Reupholstering only the damaged areas, such as the legs or arms, is probably the best option. 

Have you found a tear in your sofa? 

This is usually caused by a cat scratching the sofa and grabbing the fabric. It can be mended with a pointer and thread. It’s possible to purchase extra fabric, such as quilt batting and polyester fiberfill, to fill the cushions if the rip is severe enough. You can also replace your sofa cushions with foam. For more info, see our spare pillow guide. 

After the filling is restored, fold in the edges of the rip so that any frayed areas are neatly hidden away. This will prevent fraying from happening again and ensure that your cat doesn’t get lured by the tempting strands. Next, pinch the edges together and carefully stitch them together using close, small stitches. Finally, tie a strong knot. 

You can try patch repair if the tear is more severe than a needle or thread can fix. You will need to cut a piece slightly larger than the tear from an area that isn’t normally visible. Slide the new fabric under the torn section and pin it in place. Apply fabric glue to the top and edges of the tear. Then, stick the tab to the patch by gently following it to the surface. Smoothen it so that there are no air bubbles. After the glue has dehydrated totally, remove the pins. 

How can I get my cat to stop jamming the sofa? 

After you have successfully repaired or hidden the tears and scratches, you will want to do something to stop your cat from scratching the sofa and redirect them somewhere else. These are our top tips: Give your cat a scratching surface nearby. Other scratching surfaces, such as boards and posts, are readily available at pet shops and offer a firm and rigid place to scratch their claws or you can also use Zetpo cat nail caps to cover their claws with it and keep your furniture safe. Multi-level cat furniture is also available. This allows them to perch, climb, scratch, and even sleep on it in a safe and fun way. 

Flat panels with a rough surface and can be attached to walls are a great alternative if you don’t have the space. Use double-sided sticky tape to cover the parts your cat loves to cut. This is a more drastic but effective measure. Double-sided sticky tape will discourage your cat from scratching the surfaces they are most likely to scratch. 

Be wary not to make the tape too sticky, as it could cause injury to your cat. Eliminate their scent Cats tend to stay in the same place because they are acquainted with it. They’ll be less likely to return to that area if they clean it immediately and wash away any pheromones. Spray a citrus-scented spray on the area to discourage cats from scratching it. Citrus-based scents seem to be the most effective because they repel cats. Swift sofas are cat scratch-proof. 

What makes our sofas scratch-proof? 

We use industry-leading stainless technology from Fireguard fabric. Any stains your cat may bring, including mud or other unpleasant “gifts,” will easily lift. Our sofa cushions are also made of a polyester fire and foam blend, which is why they can withstand cat scratches. We are poised in the quality and toughness of our sofas. We offer a 15-year frame warranty and a 2-year fabric pledge. If anything goes wrong, you can count on us for full repayment. 

Are you unsure how long your sofa should be expected to last? We’ve got you covered. Look at our sofa lifetime guide to find out when your sofa is due for replacement. Please view our complete collection of Model 01, Model 02, and Model 03 flat-packed sofas and our brand-new Model 04 sofa beds.

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