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There is over one-third of the American population working from home due to changes in their schedule. The majority of people who work from home do not plan on going back to work in an office anytime soon. So, what does this time at home with your dogs mean? For one, your fur baby is thrilled at the opportunity to have you around as much as possible. While finding the best strategies to work from home with your dog, it’s also important to consider the legalities of your work, especially if you run a home-based business. A legalzoom review can provide insights into managing your business’s legal needs without stepping out of your home office.  But, working alongside your pet has its challenges. Here are some tips to help you work from home while dealing with your pet.

Combine Your Dogs Attention Time With Your Breaks

Everybody loves to hug and snuggle their animals. Additionally, studies show spending time with your dog can lower your blood pressure, so you want to take the best care of your animal. One way to get some extra time with your pup is by going for a walk. This is a great way to reduce stress, and it enables your dog to stretch its legs. When you give your dog the attention they deserve, they are less likely to bother you with minor annoyances.

Keep in mind that if you are a first time home buyer, working from home is a great way to help your dog acquaint itself with its new surroundings. Therefore, your dog will not be as anxious, meaning they are more likely to entertain themselves.

Dial Back any Interruptions

If your dog interrupts you for a bathroom break or alerts you there was a delivery made while you attempt a zoom call, it is time to put your pup on a bio break schedule. These bio breaks, or bathroom breaks, should happen in the same time frame every day.

Even though meetings occur at different times, let your dog out within 30 minutes to an hour around the same time every day. To prevent your dogs from barking outbursts, have your workspace in a separate room. Having your own space allows you to shut the door while your pup goes about its business.

If you do not have a separate office, give your dog a luxurious crate or your bathroom. Whatever option you choose, be sure they have adequate food and water and include something for them to sleep comfortably.

Establish a Routine and a Quiet Space

Have a routine, set it and stick with it. Even though you work from home now, you still need to have a daily routine like you did when you physically went into the office. Additionally, when you have an anxious dog or a dog with separation anxiety, it appreciates having a stable routine. Also, Sticking to this routine helps your dog’s internal clock to remind you that it is lunchtime.

You and your dog alike need a quiet space for valuable alone time during the day. So, if you have your dog in a crate, make sure it is in a peaceful, calming environment. Another idea is to close the curtains in the room where your dog stays. This tactic helps avoid barking from your dog that is not necessary.

Give Your Dog Something To do While you Work

With your dog wanting all of your attention, they will try to distract you whenever they can. No matter if your dog slips in front of the camera or barks at a cat outside, it is not hard to spot the dog’s owner on Zoom. Although capturing a glimpse of your sweet pup is joyous, it often derails the meeting. In order to prevent this, give your dog something to do that keeps your entertained with these ideas:

  • Give them pupsicles. These frozen treats not only taste delicious for your dog and it takes a little while to eat them. There are a variety of flavors to choose from, such as chicken, fruit, beef and peanut butter, to be exact.
  • Giving them long-lasting chew toys is a wonderful way to keep your dog busy. Now there are dog toys that allow you to put treats in the middle of their toy.
  • Give them calming treats. This is especially helpful for dogs with anxiety. These treats are made from herbs and vitamins used to help uneasiness.
  • Give your dog and yourself a break. Taking a break is an essential part of your day. This allows you to clear your head while tiring your dog on a walk.

Dogs are like our family, so you want to treat them that way. Use some of these techniques to help calm them and keep them entertained.

Do not Give Into Attention Demands

One important thing to remember when working from home with your dog, ignore their attention-seeking. Barking, pawing, whining, or pressing their head against you are all examples. Responding to these actions teaches your dog that they will get your attention at any time.

When your dog wants your attention in this way, it is recommended to ignore them. But, this implies you should not shush them away either. Any attention is good from their perspective. Your dog eventually understands they’re not getting their way, so they move on. However, rewarding your dog for behaving is recommended.

Make Your Dog Happy

Working from home not only benefits you, but it also benefits your dog. They adore the fact you are always at home with them.  Even though you are working, simply being there makes them happy. How could they not be excited about their best friend staying with them all day long?

But, many dogs suffer from separation anxiety when left alone. Did you ever return home from work and find your house littered with torn toilet paper or anything else? Separation anxiety manifests itself in these ways. When you are home all day, it alleviates that nervousness, keeping your pet happier.

Lower Your Stress Level

Have you ever been working and thought about wanting to have your dog with you?  The excitement of working at home is beneficial to your dog. Additionally, according to studies, having an animal reduces depression and anxiety. They increase your endorphins, which lowers anxiety and your blood pressure.

Having your pet with you at work is better than them not being there. No one wants to be away from their dog all day long. Instead of wondering how they are doing or what they are getting into, now you do not have to worry. Basically, working from home and having your dog there is a win-win.

New Behaviors Will Your Dog Have When You Work From Home

Just like people, all dogs are different. But, for most dogs, when they see you working at home all the time, they think it is just a long weekend. To get attention, your dog might run off with your shoe and try to play tag, knock over your house plants or do things they would not usually do to get your attention. For a dog,  you are their entertainment. Or, they might start barking at things they would never have before. You might also notice they have started following you around.

Be Flexible With Certain Things

Working from home means each day is different. You might find yourself reorganizing a bookshelf while you wait for the next project, or you might be overworked.

Because of the erratic nature of your work schedule, it is challenging to keep all the rules for working at home with a dog. It is not as rigorous or predictable as you would like. Learning flexibility and rolling with the punches is essential when working from home and having a dog.

Have a Designated Play Time

When working from home, your time management is essential. It’s easy to get sidetracked, especially if your dog is begging for attention. Setting designated periods for you and your dog is crucial. Structured playtime not only helps you get work done, but it also helps your pup establish a habit. These are some tricks to help keep your dog happy while you work:

  • Taking a ten to 15-minute break in the morning and then in the afternoon. Dedicate these breaks to training or playing with your dog.
  • Changing what you do during your breaks helps wear your dog out both mentally and physically, creating a contented, tired pup.
  • Trying to set these breaks at the same time each day enables your dog to become used to the schedule, and they want the breaks at the same time. However, you may not be available at the same time every day.

Create a fun atmosphere for your dog when you take your breaks together. This way, they get tired and nap while you are back at work.

The ability to work from home is a dream for most people. Thankfully with all the technology and disruption of personal schedules, it is now possible. Remember, working from home with your dog comes with its own challenges. Keep in mind that dogs are like humans. They need attention, love and care. Make sure you set aside time for them so they get exercise and do not feel anxious. Plus, this gives you a break as well.

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