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Reminder to NOT feed your dog Thanksgiving Leftovers

Whether you are having a trashy Thanksgiving, a vegetarian Thanksgiving, or a traditional turkey Thanksgiving... your dog will definitely be right by your side, begging for some scraps. But stay strong, humans! The best thing you can do is hoard all those leftovers for yourself,…
November 25, 2012
Pet Truths

Dog Daycare Etiquette for Pooches

Does your dog know how to approach another dog kindly and properly? Or does he/she hop on the other dog as if it's a dog plush toy to be ripped to shreds? Is your four legged friend a little anti-social…
September 23, 2012

Winter Weight Can Happen to Your Dog Too

Winter weight isn’t something that creeps up on us; it can creep up on our furry little friends too.  With May just around the corner, spring time is a wonderful time to get outside with your dog!   Begin power walking…
January 9, 2012
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