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Dog Daycare Etiquette for Pooches

By September 23, 2012March 26th, 2015No Comments

Does your dog know how to approach another dog kindly and properly? Or does he/she hop on the other dog as if it’s a dog plush toy to be ripped to shreds? Is your four legged friend a little anti-social or the kid with no friends at recess? Fret not, at New York Dog Nanny we look our for each and every dogs special needs along the personality spectrum. From our shyest dog to our most gregarious, your dog will find his/her groove with new friends and old here. The key is to properly and most equally importantly regularly provide your pup with active socializing in a dog daycare center for NYC dogs with educated staff in an environment you believe your dog will thrive in. Considerations for your pup’s happiness may include; attentiveness of staff, cleanliness of the facility, location, your monthly dog budget, and the long term health and happiness of your new york city dog’s health. Boredom from apartment living along with the nyc life for people can equal supplemental dog activities for Fido that will ensure mental agility and activity thereby prolonging and increasing the quality of life. Regular outdoor time, stretching, proper socializing and manners classes are all great ways for your dog to have proper etiquette when meeting a neighbor on the street, in the elevator or at the dog park. A dog can be a dog when he knows that you’ve taken the time to set up boundaries and that he listens to at a minimum basic commands that will make for great interactions with not only passersby (dog and people), but also for you their person.


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