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Pampered Dog Services For Pomeranians

By September 21, 2012March 26th, 2015No Comments

Pampered dog grooming is just the tip of the ice berg at our New York Dog Nanny grooming parlor in Kips Bay. If your looking for top dog services in your local Manhattan, then you and your NYC dog should look no further! Considering many dog services? Look around? However, let us challenge you with our list of growing accolades for top dog care and best services for dogs in the city that caters to dogs of all sizes, breeds, needs etc. Dogs are not just a name and much more than a client in our cozy kennels, our dog daycare center and our dog walking services. From your dogs mental health to physical agility we have and encourage our owners how to beat separation anxiety, make healthier food energies and how to bond more deeply with their New york city dog with our tried and true experts. From our rock star Animal Communicators, our herbs on hand for stress reduction and our staff who love to brush out dogs hair, or give a little high five for those with low confidence, we assure you that your dog’s needs will be met, and our dog services will exceed your expectations. From our college educated staff and managers who are both dog walkers/nannies and boarders, you will be best assured that they always have the happiness of your pup first and foremost on their brain so that you can enjoy that long awaited vacation or power through another project while consulting in yet another US city not quite as cool as the island of Manhattan.


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