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How To Talk To Your Dog!

What we say to our dogs is important. How we say it is crucial. Different tones of voice are used to distinguish between commands, corrections, and praise. Commands are given in a firm, strong tone of voice. No chanting please.…
June 5, 2013
Dog AdviceLifeStyle

Doggie Boot Camp- Hot or Not?

Have you ever wanted to ship your dog off for a “boot camp” training situation, where someone does all of the work for you and returns a perfectly mannered dog? It’s a tempting scenario, particularly if you’re at the end…
March 19, 2013
Dog AdviceLifeStyle

Conversations between dogs

Do dogs communicate with one another like people do? Well, we know that canines can't "speak" in the same way that humans do, but they do actually send one another cues and communicate in their own doggie language of picture…
January 8, 2013
Pet Truths

Dog Daycare Etiquette for Pooches

Does your dog know how to approach another dog kindly and properly? Or does he/she hop on the other dog as if it's a dog plush toy to be ripped to shreds? Is your four legged friend a little anti-social…
September 23, 2012

Your Puppy’s First Night

Chances are good that the first night your puppy is in his new home, both of you will get little sleep. You can hardly blame your puppy for having difficulty sleeping. Dogs are creatures of habit and routine. Your puppy…
October 23, 2011
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