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Sure Fido can sit, stay and come, but is that really enough for your NYC pup?  It all really depends on what type of foundation you would like to have to govern your relationship with your dog.  Just as each person has their own parenting philosophy based on their upbringing, values and goals for what they would like their offspring to strive for, so too are those same influencing factors for city pet owners.  Perhaps you brought a pup into your life to have a sense of responsibility and warmth to your life. Another possibility is that you always grew up with pets and you are on your first dog in New York City.

Regardless of your reason for owning a city pup, our dog trainers in the city believe in establishing a happy healthy basis for your relationship which includes a strong foundation of the commands “sit, stay, come” in addition to providing a dog appropriate home (beyond puppy proofing), appropriate play and breed needs being met proactively.

Once your dog begins to form a relationship based on listening and followership, you simultaneously establish your place as the leader and commander.  While you may command your dogs attention for sit, does he/she pop right back up like a jack in the box? Or do they stay sitting only so long as there is an immediate reward such as a table scrap?  We believe at our dog manners training academy for pets that each command can be embellished so that your pup can sit for longer and longer periods of time.

As this occurs with training, you are teaching your pup how to focus, look for you for direction and re-enforcing a role of leader and follower.  Just as in the wild, the hierarchy can be re-established in a matter of a single altercation, we believe that daily interaction with your pup can help you set the tone for your relationship with your pup day in and day out.  The last thing any parent wants is fare-weather followership and the when the cat goes out, the mice come out to play.

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