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Dog Truce between Shibas and Dog Baths

By June 29, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

Dear Dog Bathers,
Today was a momentous Occasion between New York Dog Nanny and Shiba Inus all around New York City. As many of you know you don’t have to have a breed that dislikes water for your pup to be bath averse. Some dogs just don’t like it, associate with a bad experience, or some combination of the two scenarios.
Regardless, Shiba Inus are well known to dislike water yet this agreement was come to today:
NYC Shiba Inu post groom
I will sign your peace treaty agreement today and agree to these following few terms:

I, Max, Shiba Inu extraordinaire truce with and all dog bathers if these below conditions are me always met for a peaceful and carefree bath for both (or all) parties involved:
1) you allow me play all day at daycare or boarding or the dog park so I am good and tired
2) walk me outside to spend more energy preferably a brisk walk where I am intermittently allowed to sniff
3) give me a loving gentle massage while you bathe me with lukewarm to cool water
4) lift my tail gently to induce even more relaxation and a calm state of mind

I represent dogs especially of the shiba inu persuasion and agree to:
1)n o longer squirm like you are trying to dismember my body, part by part
2) try to bite you and whine like a puppy
3) not splash the water all over the bathroom and try to run away like we aren’t family

Signed on Thurs, June 27, 2013
-Max, Shiba Inu
-New York Dog Nanny

Negotiated via Ryan Bondoc, Dog Whisper


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