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Does the idea of not being able to take your dog on walks during the day or not being able to let them run freely around your house or a big yard scare you?  Believe it or not, not every apartment forbids dogs entirely, even if the size of the dog is restricted. But adjusting to apartment life with a dog can present some trials and tribulations that many people are unprepared for.

Fortunately, with a little bit of advance preparation and forethought, you can ensure that your dog is happy, your apartment isn’t destroyed, and your landlord doesn’t evict you.

Here’s our guide on how to prepare for that move and make your new apartment life great for everyone in the family.

1. Getting Back to the Basics of Training

If you’re a dog parent in an apartment, it’s important to get back to the basics of training. Establishing a regular and consistent routine is key.

Have specific times set aside for potty breaks and walks, and make sure basic commands such as sit and down are known before introducing more complex behaviors. Keeping the pup busy can help ease boredom-related behaviors such as chewing on furniture or barking.

To avoid nuisance barking, get your pup acclimated to the sounds of the apartment such as footsteps and vacuum noise through short, controlled exposures. Always give mental stimulation with learning sessions that challenge your pup’s mind and exercise their bodies regularly.

2. Treat Dispensing Toys

These types of toys can help relieve loneliness if you’re away, decrease barking, and reduce destructive behavior due to boredom. As a starting point, look for automatic treatment dispensers with adjustable difficulty levels for your pup to solve a mental challenge.

Make sure the treats inside are low in fat and high in nutritional value, as these toys often encourage pups to eat more quickly than they should. Consider rotating toys every couple of days and read this ultimate guide to keep your pup interested and reduce the chances of being bored.

3. Using a Dog Park

Dog parks give your pup room to run around, play, and socialize with other pooches – something they may miss out on when in an apartment living. For those with active breeds, the dog park will provide much-needed exercise and stimulation.

Before visiting, it’s important to double-check that the park is an approved space and that all the rules are being followed. Be sure to check your dog for signs of aggression and give regulation training, as this is a public area and all users must be vigilant for safety.

Dealing With the Unexpected Challenges of Apartment Life With a Dog

Apartment living with a dog can be daunting, but it can also be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. With these three tips, you and your pup can ease into apartment life and feel at home in no time. So try these suggestions and make the most of your shared space today!

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