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Going on regular walks with your puppy is essential for their health. The question is, what if your puppy does not want to walk? Naturally, puppies do not like to walk with a leash. Although there are exceptions, most puppies are still frightened to walk outdoors. Below are five reasons why.

The Leash

Simply putting a collar on your puppy’s neck is enough to shut them down. That is because putting them on a leash gives the impression that they are restrained. When your puppy is stuck, they cannot do whatever they want or escape anything that scares them. That feeling can be intimidating for them. 

Therefore, you must train your puppy to feel comfortable and safe on a leash. You can start in your house and in short periods. Play and give your puppy treats while they are wearing them. In time, your puppy will learn to love the leash. Then, you can try to take them outdoors for a walk. 

Fear and Anxiety

Bear in mind that when you take your puppy outdoors, the different smells, sounds, and sights can overwhelm them, leading to stress. Some signs your dog is stressed include barking, shaking, tucked tail, and more. You must relieve your puppy from their fears and anxieties and build confidence.


Slowly introduce your puppy to different environments, dogs, and people. However, do not force them to do so. Allow your puppy to initiate contact. Also, don’t forget to play with them, praise them, and give them treats. Doing so will help your puppy get comfortable with the outside world.

Lack of Training

Give your puppy the best experience on your first walk. Encourage your puppy to sniff and explore. As much as possible, do not pull your puppy while on a leash or rush them to learn proper behavior. Keep in mind that you are training your dog to love the leash so they can learn to love walking outdoors. 


Sometimes, your puppy may drag their feet and pull away, but you can always train a stubborn dog by keeping things fun and positive for them. As a result, your puppy will start getting excited to go on outdoor walks with you. 

The Weather

Puppies can behave like humans and may be reluctant to go outside, especially on a chilly day. Note that puppies can quickly get too hot or cold. As much as possible, they want to avoid uncomfortable situations. When taking them out on a walk, always remember to bring treats and make them feel as comfortable as possible. 

Medical Reasons

If you think the above reasons are not why your puppy does not want to walk, they may be hiding pain. If that is the case, you must take your puppy to the vet so they can undergo an examination to ensure there are no foreign objects or wounds on and within his body. 


You must take trauma and pain seriously, especially if it occurred for no reason. Also, check the way your puppy is walking if they are limping. Never force your puppy to walk if you think they are experiencing a medical issue. 

Final Thoughts

Understanding why your puppy does not want to go on a walk is essential for you to address the cause. Whatever you need to do, always keep your puppy’s experience fun and upbeat. Note that it may take time for a puppy to learn, but in time, you will be surprised that they are walking with confidence and enthusiasm, even asking you to go on a walk with them. 

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