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Dog training is a great way to teach your dog desired behavior while building a stronger relationship between pet parent and pet. For your dog, it can be a bonding part of the day where they receive your full attention. Dog training at home is an ideal solution for busy pet parents to save both time and money.

What Are the Benefits of Training a Dog at Home?

As opposed to a facility, training your dog from home provides the opportunity for your dog to learn desired behavior within their own familiar environment.

It Saves Money and Time

Staying home can be a money and time saver. If there is not a facility in your area, you may have to commute farther away to train your dog. If there is one close by, you will still have to follow the facility’s schedule of classes, which may not be convenient to your own schedule.

Virtual dog training is accessible from your computer, so you can train your dog on your own time through live online sessions with a trainer. This can also be a money saver, since dog training facilities tend to be way more costly. If you have a dog trainer traveling to your house, that can be even more expensive. Virtual dog training is an affordable solution for any pet parent.

It’s a Safe Space for Your Dog

Facilities often require you to provide up-to-date vaccine information for your pet. This helps keep your dog and other dogs safe from spreading or receiving harmful germs. If you have a young puppy, you may be eager to start training them before they have received their first vaccinations. Training at home keeps your dog safe from other dogs spreading contagions like kennel cough. This is also a great option for adult dogs with compromised immune systems who may not be able to safely attend lessons at a facility.

In addition, some training facilities opt to separate certain dog sizes or breeds. At home, you do not have to worry about a negative interaction between your pet and someone else’s.

It’s Personalized to Your Dog

Staying at home means you receive one-on-one training from a professional dog trainer. This gives you the opportunity to receive more personalized dog training based on you and your dog’s environment and your dog’s current behavior. For example, if your dog does not respond well to training treats, they may recommend other methods of positive reinforcement training that would better suit your pet. Some group sessions at a facility are too large for the instructor to focus on a specific pet parent and dog. This could cause you to fall behind in the session if your dog is not responding to the training method being used.

Making the Most of At Home Training

Preparing ahead of time for at-home training sessions ensures that you are maximizing the benefits of the program you choose. Your trainer may recommend you get certain things to help with dog training, such as training treats or a certain type of leash. Ask your trainer ahead of time if they do not provide you with a list of what you might need to make the most out of your session. Make sure your Internet and video camera are working before the online training session.

To prepare your dog for training, you will want to make sure they’ve gone to the bathroom, ate, and even exercised beforehand. Like people, if a dog needs something, they may have a harder time focusing during a lesson.

In Home Training vs. Online Dog Training

Trainers who come to your home and online dog training programs both allow you to have a dog training session in the comfort and convenience of your home. The biggest difference is in cost. Oftentimes, trainers who travel to your home will cost more because of the time required for them to travel, as well as the cost of traveling. Online dog training is convenient for both pet parents and trainers, which can lower the cost of a session.

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