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The biggest most overlooked necessity for pet parents is failing to properly train your dog.  Pet moms and dads mistakenly believe that certain behaviors are personality traits or “just who the dog is” when in reality, they are a result of anxiety, fear and the dog being in a role they simply are not comfortable in.

Dogs are followers by nature, not leaders. They also have breed specific jobs they’ve been breed for (as well as other traits such as looks, but that’s for another article) that when properly managed- help create a well-balanced and happy family dog.

There are aspects of dog training that one can easily learn or teach yourself like sit or going outside to potty.  For others, taking a basic obedience course for puppies suffices.  Dog training can start out simple and then suddenly it becomes a struggle when your dog isn’t catching on – or you find yourself frustrated or impatience.  It’s like you carefully follow a script that you know works but no matter what you do you just cannot seem to nail the result you are after.  It is a process and a battle for leadership- remember that.  You must come out on top for your dog to respect and listen to you. Training a dog during isolation during Covid-19 was certainly difficult but it’s never too late to get on the dog training bandwagon!

When you start giving training to your dog, at first you likely will feel tired and yes it’s very challenging work to train your dog. As dog years pass you may even start to realize something that there was more to training than you thought- your dog counter surfs, jumps on strangers and won’t stop barking incessantly at the doorbell.

“You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”.

This statement is very simple but logical. The person who said these words is a well- respected training figure in the dog community. And he was utter the right words, we didn’t know. It was these little words that encouraged the person to go out and start my search for this “unknown” world of training that was. And what I also found astonishing.

Before you started looking outside of the area, you mostly used to think that there was only one way to train a dog. That I knew it all. That you could now go out with your covertly learn training methods and mysteriously turn into an effective dog trainer. You go on to use these ways time and time again and again on every dog that you want to train. Sometimes this method worked and sometimes it didn’t work. I found no training secrets about dogs

Get Your Head Out of the Clouds

Stop pretending that you know everything! That is the major mistake an instructor can make. The reality is no matter what you think you know that there is always rather new to learn. In the same way, it doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are you can always attain more experience day by day. The dog training world is ever-growing. What we did 10 years ago is changed to what we are doing in this age. Now I’m not telling you to reduction a method just because it is “in the history books”. What I am telling though is not to fix yourself to what you “know” just as you are relaxed there. Remove that security comprehensive you are hiding under and challenge you.

Branch out, learn new techniques, read different books, enroll in new training sequences, talk to persons who use all these changed training methods. Open your mind to the diversity of possibilities and truly give them a chance before deciding it’s not for you. You never know, what may not request to you today may be the precise thing you need to help a dog work through a roadblock in the future.

Training to Your Dog

This is honorably one of the major secrets all dog trainers appreciate and you should too!
It’s significant to not see training as “training time” but more like a lifestyle because your dog will be constantly looking towards things that are satisfying to him/her.

Dogs are Creatures of Habit

Do you recall when you were young and had to be said: “go and brush your teeth”? When you got older it became your habit to brush your teeth and become a part of your daily routine you maybe don’t even notice. The same is for a dog; dogs are beings of habit so it’s significant to reliably practice behaviors you want your dog to continue to do. It’s also very easy to make good habits when bad ones have not been established yet.

Don’t Show Bad Behavior to Your Dog

Don’t deal your dog with bad behavior because the dog can adapt the same behavior that you do with it and then it became a habit so don’t show aggressive behavior to your dog during training. Assuming that your dog will grow out of particular behavior, grow your dog with different behavior.

Get Their Attention Before Commands

You must need your dog’s attention before your effort to offer any  instructions or commands.  We see most of the time the owners that ask their puppies or dogs to sit while their dog is absorbed something else. Before you try to give your dog way always focus on receiving your dog’s attention, the rest will fall into place.

No Distractions:

When you start to teach your dog something new it’s always important to start the training session in a distraction-free environment. You want to make it as easy as possible for your dog that it must understand a concept that you are given to your dog.

Use The Leash

This is the most important dog training secret that every owner must know. The leash is the dog’s instructor’s friend that helps to train a dog very quickly and through the leash, you can easily control your dog during a training session.

Time and Place

This like many other dog training secrets is gold. As a dog trainer, you must want to teach your dog in different and separate places you must try to manage its time and place for training. For example, if you want to start teaching your puppy that manages proper time and place to play with other dogs and also a time and place where you and your dog just wants to walk past to other dogs.

Fun Training:

You must give fun training to your dog that your dog is not just following you but also see here and there and make fun and also give them fun training. Fun training helps them to learn very quickly and easily.

You Have Full Control

Keep this thing in your mind that you must have full control of your dog, you must have full control of all your dog’s needs such as nutrition, play when your dog relates with other dogs. You always have full control of your dog’s habits or its desires. Through these secrets, you can easily train your dog the same as you want.

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