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One of the absolute best ways to bond with your dog is to get outdoors and take them for a walk. It’s a chance for the two of you to do an activity together, it’s fabulous exercise, it helps with socialization, and really hammers home the pack mentality. But what happens if your dog isn’t exactly enjoyable to walk? What if walking your dog is nothing but a power struggle, sheer madness, and a time where you feel as though you have zero control over the situation?

Not to worry, as you aren’t alone. The good news is that there are tips you can use that will help make walking your dog a more enjoyable experience for both of you.

Combine Obedience Training While Walking

Did you know that walking can provide you with the perfect opportunity for some obedience training? Finding ways to sprinkle in the training will not only be helpful in terms of your dog’s behavior, but it can also be fun for your dog. You can practice things like sit, stay, watch me, leave it, and so forth.

Because obedience training is a mental workout for your dog, your outing will end up being more beneficial since they are getting both physical and mental exercise.

Change Up Locations

Sometimes you can get stuck in a walking rut where you follow the same path each and every time. This gets boring for you and your dog, so why not mix things up? This could be enough to see a change in behavior and help the two of you to bond.

Go Ahead and Mix in a Little Playtime

While you may be focused on the walk, this is actually a great time to mix in a little playtime. Again, it’s about giving your dog that exercise it needs and the two of you will have a great time in the process. If you have a nearby park, why not make that the destination you walk to and then have some fun playing in the park together?

Plenty of owners will bring along a favorite ball, rope, fly disc, or other items that can be played with along the way.

Ensure You’ve Got the Right Collar and Leash

Another tip is to make sure you’ve got the right collar and leash for your dog that is not only sturdy and secure, but also comfortable and maybe even a little cute at the same time. These collars and leashes from Monro Petsfeature unique designs, and the collars themselves and the handles on the leash are padded. This means both you and your dog will be looking stylish on your walks and have that added comfort thanks to the padding. It could be all you need to transform your walk experience.

Enjoy Those Walks Even More

With these simple tips, you’ll find that you not only enjoy your walks with your dog a lot more, but you actually look forward to them and want to venture out on those longer treks together.

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