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What started as a buzz feed trend has eventually turned into a contemporary cross-genetic do-over. A Pomsky is a cross hybrid dog breed between a Pomeranian and a Siberian husky. It looks like a smaller version of a Husky with lots of energy. Pomskies are active breeds that love to play and tag around their masters all day long.

They love attention and are loyal dogs that love the companionship of others. While this breed can be mischievous, they can be trained to accommodate a household life. They have the intellect of a Husky and the energy of a Pomeranian that makes the breed extremely loyal, loving, and playful.

A Pomsky is a small to medium-sized dog that has the appearance of a Husky. They are ideal for people who want a husky but cannot accommodate one due to less space. Due to their two distinct parents, pomskies can come in a variety of colors.

Their coats can be mixtures of white, brown, blue, and grey with a double layer that needs constant grooming. Pomskies have beautiful eyes that range from a light hazel to a deep blue. Some can also have two distinct eye colors.


Dogs are trainable and conditioned to adapt to a particular style of behavior. Some dogs are calm and composed, while others are hyper and active. Some breeds are naturally aggressive, while others are anxious and timid. It is necessary to understand the natural temperament of dogs before training them to learn and adapt to our lifestyles.

Pomskies are inherent breeds that exist to hunt smaller animals due to their lineage of Huskies. Pomskies are playful, intelligent, and loyal. They are protective breeds and can quickly attach themselves to their masters and act conservative around strangers.

It is crucial to allow your pomsky to socialize with different people to create a feeling of comfort and trust. Interacting with children helps the dog and the child understand how to gain loyalty, trust, and obedience. Socializing and constant interaction is necessary to train your Pomsky correctly. Spending quality time with your dog is crucial to teach them what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

5 Ways to Calm Down a Hyper Pomsky

1. Positive Reinforcement 

The best way to train a hyperactive pomsky is through rewards and treats. Unlike humans, dogs cannot communicate or understand our language and reciprocate based on body language and energy. It is necessary to constantly reward your dog with treats and show them affection whenever they behave acceptably.

Positive reinforcement means rewarding your dog with a treat whenever they do what we try to teach them. Continuously rewarding them for repeated good behavior will condition them into behaving that way naturally, and this is one of the best ways to calm down a hyper pomsky. Compliment and embrace your dog with love when it does something good so that it knows what the master expects and wants.

2.  Diet

Ensure that your Pomsky has a healthy and nutritious diet. Some types of food cause dogs to react differently. If your Pomsky barks or whines, there is usually a connection with their diet that makes them hyperactive. Changing diet plans can drastically change the way your dog behaves.

Based on food alone, a dog can calm down to a large degree and act more composed. Give your Pomsky enough protein because dogs tend to be hyper due to the lack of protein. Visit your vet to decide on a diet plan that gives your dog the nutrients it needs.

3.  Physical Exercise 

Pomskies are naturally hyper and energetic. The breed is genetically prone to running around, jumping, and constantly moving. Physical exercise and long walks are the best ways to burn your dog’s excess energy. By playing with your Pomsky, you utilize their energy and drain their body of extra liveliness.

Activities like long walks, games like fetch, and tug of war with another pup are great methods to increase your dog’s focus and keep your Pomsky healthy because it keeps them alive and utilizes their muscles and joints. Good exercise increases life expectancy, diet and calms your dog into a more composed state.

4.  Supplements 

It is necessary to give your Pomsky enough supplements that build their immunity, improve their coat, and provide essential vitamins and minerals. There are times when situations like storms or separation anxiety cause dogs like Pomskies to become hyper. CBD supplements help with anxiety and hyperactivity. They focus on calming your dog and composing their nerves which help them stay restful and peaceful.

CBD is a natural supplement that is non-psychoactive and works very well with anxiety and excess energy. These supplements relax the body and allow the mind to rest without any side effects. Plain Jane CBD has become increasingly popular in helping hyperactive dogs.

5.  Schedules and Massages

Maintain a proper schedule with your Pomsky concerning their daily routines. Give them food at fixed hours and play with them at fixed hours. They realize what time allows what activity and prevents them from getting anxious or hyper. Massage your dog and rub their backs and joints. Massaging improves blood flow, stimulates nerves, and helps dogs like Pomskies to calm down and feel less frustrated.


Pomskies are loving dogs that possess the qualities of 2 beautiful breeds. They are intelligent breeds that can also act stubborn to have their way about things. It takes some patience and quality time to connect with and gain trust with your dog. Feeding them the right food at the right time, playing with them often, and training them during physical exercise can help in multiple ways.

These activities improve blood flow, stimulate the brain, reduce excess energy and condition your Pomsky to understand how to behave and respond to commands and wishes. It is necessary to build an element of trust with your dog. Pomskies are loving and emotional dogs that quickly attach themselves to members of the house and adore constant attention. They are beautiful breeds that can be trained and calmed down with the right plan, activities, and supplements.

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